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CUPSHE pre-order guidelines:

Pre-order items are made with delicate craftsmanship and longer manufacture period. As usual, pre-order summer bikinis will be shipped in 7 days and 30 days for fall sweaters.

1.Pre-order items come with big discounts, up to 50% OFF! The discount has been cut off.

2. The Pre-order period lasts M days. Your order will be shipped in 5 days after pre-order period has ended, and you'll receive a shipping confirmation email including a tracking number when the order is shipped.

3. The item you pre-ordered will be shipped only when at least 10 pieces are purchased in 48 hours. If the minimum sales amount is not achieved, the item will not be a pre-order item and we'll refund you the payment 10 24 hours.

4. Coupon codes are not available for pre-order items.