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  • After every swim session, wash your swimsuit by hand with a mild soap and tap water. Water alone will not remove the chlorine or salt water.  We would recommend turning your swimsuit inside out when you wash it to avoid damaging the delicate outer layer.

  • You should never use a washing machine to clean your swimming costume, it is too abrasive for swimwear material and will cause the fabric to pile and bobble. The washing detergents will also cause long-term damage to the swimsuits fabric.


  • Don't use powders because they may not dissolve completely or rinse away well. And, never use chlorine bleach to whiten or remove stains. If you are in a pinch, you can use just a dab of shampoo to wash your suit but skip any combination products that contain hair conditioners.

  • Allow your swimming costume to dry naturally when drying outside, do not hang in direct sunlight. Try to make sure that your swimsuit is laid out flat to dry to avoid folds and wrinkles. Once completely dry fold it and put it away.


  • You should not dry your swimsuit in a dryer or in sun, as mentioned above, because they are both hard on the Lycra and spandex in your swimming costume. The sun will cause your costume to fade quicker than expected. Both will cause the breakdown of elasticity in your costume.

  • Avoid Oil Contact - Oil based products such as sun creams and lotions can cause the elasticity in your swimsuit to break down causing your suit to lose its shape.


  • Your swimsuit should be rinsed as soon as possible in cool, tap water after each time you wear it whether for swimming or sunbathing. If you have time to allow the suit to soak in cool water for 30 minutes, that is even better for the fabric. This will remove most of the chemicals, salt, sand, and body soil that can damage the fabric.


  • Alternate your swimsuits - you should avoid using the same swimsuit more than once in 24 hours. Because Lycra is a memory yarn your swimwear will need 24 hours to dry and go back to its original shape. This will stop your costume from bagging and stretching.


  • Watch where you sit. Most pool sides and decks are rough so that you won't slip on them when they are wet. Even if the surface doesn't seem too rough, it is to your bathing suit. Always sit or lay on a towel. Be careful when rising from an inside pool or hot tub bench. Once a swimsuit is snagged it cannot be repaired.


  • Sunbathe before you swim - water and sun are not a very good combination for your swimming costume. Where possible try and sunbathe before you swim as swimming and then sunbathing can cause your costume to wear out quicker.


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