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    How to Shop at CUPSHE?

    1.Payment Methods:

    American Express
    Paypal Credit
    Google Wallet

    Notice: Debit card is not acceptable in checkout and will not be processed !


    Discount code is created to use in checkout. How to use?
    1.Enter the discount code input box and tap your discount name during check out.
    2.Click Apply.

    Notice: If you want to remove the discount code from the the input box, then tap the X button.

    3.Gift cards

    When you successfully purchase a Gift Card, an email regarding Gift card code will be sent to you soon.

    How to redeem gift cards?
    1.Input your gift card code during checkout.
    2.Click Apply.

    Notice: If you want to remove the discount code from the the input box, then tap the X button. Gift card and discount code share one input box.


    A. Sweet Tooth is a reward program which enables customers to accumulate their points, certain amount of points can be used to redeem cash or discount code to shop at Cupshe. It will be launched and displayed in every collection of Navigation.

    B. How to earn my points?
    Gain 50 Points for signing up in points & rewards program;
    Gain 1 Point for every dollar spent when the order is paid and shipped;
    Gain 200 Points for inviting others to shop at Cupshe, invited friends will receive a 10% coupon;
    Gain 150 Points with your first share about Cupshe on Facebook and gain 120 with first share on Twitter;
    Gain 30 Points with your first like on Cupshe’s Facebook page;
    Gain 30 Points with your first like on Cupshe’s Instagram.

    C. How to redeem my points?
    Points&Rewards program will automatically send out notifying emails whenever you gain or spend points. If enough points are accumulated to redeem, system will automatically generate a discount or cash code for you. Single use only!

    D. Spend your points to redeem store coupons:

    Points  Rewards
    300 $2
    400 10%Off
    500 $4
    550 $5
    700 $8
    800 $10
    900 $15
    1000 $20

    5.Pre-order sales

    CUPSHE pre-order guidelines:
    Pre-order items are made with delicate craftsmanship and longer manufacture period. As usual, pre-order summer bikinis will be shipped in 7 days and 30 days for fall sweaters.

    1.Pre-order items come with big discounts, up to 50% OFF!
    2. The Pre-order period lasts M days. Your order will be shipped in 5 days after pre-order period has ended, and you'll receive a shipping confirmation email including a tracking number when the order is shipped.
    3. The item you pre-ordered will be shipped only when at least 10 pieces are purchased in 48 hours. If the minimum sales amount is not achieved, the item will not be a pre-order item and we'll refund you the payment 10-24 hours.
    4. Coupon codes are not available for pre-order items.