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    Q1: I sent emails to you a long time ago more than once, but why can't I get a reply?

    A1: Currently,service@cupshe.zendesk.com is the exclusive email used by our Customer Service Department.

    If you send emails to other email addresses you will not obtain responses on time, if at all. As we have a lot of emails to handle nowadays, your ticket might be responded to in a period of 48 hours.Your endurance as well as consideration is highly appreciated.

    Q2: Why didn’t I receive order confirmation and shipping confirmation?

    A2: a. You might submit the incorrect email address in the course of buying(CUPSHE will automatically transmit to this address).
           b.  Please check the confirmations in your Trash/Junk Box.

    Q3: When I was checking my shipping status, it showed “NOT FOUND”

    A3: We have Asia Warehouse. Therefore, if you opt for USPS shipping, the only way to track your order is just by tracking it after its arrival at US Facility. Shipping usually takes between 6 and 25 days and at times more time will be used up in cases which are unmonitored.

    Q4: Why can’t I receive my order in 4 days while I chose faster shipping?

    A4: The faster shipping period is 4-10 days(AVE 7 days). Prior to shipping, a processing period exists, going up to between 1 and 8 days.

    Q5: How can I add free gift to cart?

    A5: Free gifts will be present in the page for cart in case your order adheres to any promotion's requirements.

    Q6: Where should I use a coupon?

    A6: In the right side of checkout page, there is order summary box. Underneath your order’s list of products, you can find “gift card or discount code? Click here to enter it ”, click it and then input your coupon code.Finally, you can apply your code.

    Q7: How to access to my wishlists?

    Wishlist and Cupshe Store do share a single login. You can click here and login your wishlists.