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    Dr. MLK Day

    Next Monday is birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Remember him and his stories in heart ! " If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk."  Let Love, Equalism  & Freedom ring !

    Spring New Appeal

    Bonjour, 2017 ! If winter comes, can Spring be far behind? New arrivals for tops, best preparation for your wardrobes.


    Show your beauty,charm & energy. Walk through the beach in fine bikinis, attract numerous attention , even the sun may envy! Enjoy your life, enjoy the sunshine!

    Solid Color - Less is More

    Still have no idea about what style is most suitable for you? Solid color, classic choice. Simple design, but looks so pure, comfortable & elegant, bound to bring you special experience and more attractions. Follow here, to explore your  journey!

    Bikini: Chase Your Sunshine

    Get your bikini style, chase the sunshine beside the beach; Feel the soft sea wind, and be a free baby.