The 5 Best Swimsuit Trends For Bust Support in 2020

We get it. Finding a great-fitting swimsuit is hard. Looking for a particular feature? Want something that flatters your body type? We're here to help. Our "Best Swimsuits For" series addresses your top swimsuit concerns. So you can find your perfect fit!

Imagine settling into a fancy beach chair, cold beverage in hand, the perfect ocean view in front of you and your shoulder straps digging in, or umm, worse you realize you've been flashing unintentional side boob. Life's too short to spend your hard-earned vacation days worrying about how your swimsuit fits!

If you've ever felt self-conscious at the beach or walked into the swimsuit section and walked out feeling like there was nothing there for you, keep reading. When it comes to finding a swimsuit with great bust support, it pays to know your stuff. The key to finding the best swimsuit for bust support is looking for the right design features. And no, you don't have to exclusively wear one-pieces. From halter necklines to crisscross straps, underwire, and moulded cups, we've compiled a list of what to look for in a supportive swimsuit.


Secure adjustable straps are a no brainer. The thicker and sturdier the straps, the more support your bathing suit will provide. Self-tie halter bikini tops with thicker straps are the ideal option because they let you adjust the level of support and the fit. Look for styles like the Floral and Black Halter One-Piece Swimsuit. Thick straps tie around the neck providing lift and support for larger busts without looking frumpy or outdated. Bust-enhancing details like shirring and twists will give you even more shape, like the ones on the Pink Twisted Halter Bikini With Geometric Print High-Waisted Bottom.

If you prefer more coverage up top, high-neck bikinis are an equally cute and more modest alternative. We love the Neon Orange Knotted High-Waisted Bikini for its amazing color. (And you can't go wrong with a high-waisted bikini bottom! ) The higher neck also makes it less that you'll have any "spillover" issues.

The Mossy Green Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit is another great option. While the classic green vibe and higher cut up on the chest, providing extra coverage while still looking glam. Plus, those thick halter straps will keep the girls securely in place.


If you need a swimsuit with more shaping properties, consider bra-like designs with underwire. Underwire is usually made of metal, wire or moulded plastic and is sewn into the swimsuit for a smooth and comfortable fit. It's designed specifically to contain and support. No slippage here!

We recommend something like the Floral and Black Shirring High-Waisted Plus Size Bikini. A bustier-like style, it has extra fabric at the ribcage creating a thick band under the bust for added support. Or try something like the Berry Red Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit, which combines the power of underwire with cross front design. We give this style bonus points for its shape-enhancing cups. Which brings us to...


If you’re looking for bust support but don’t love the idea of wearing underwire to the beach, try moulded cups. Moulded cups create a flattering, rounded shape and keep your nipples from showing through. These sewn-in cups keep their shape even when you're not wearing the bathing suit.

Bikini styles like the Boho Print Cross Front Bikini are a great option. Moulded cups shape and lift the bust, while lace-up straps in the back ensure everything stays put. This design combination lets you customize the fit, so you can focus on catching rays, instead of cleavage overspill.

If you're looking for something a little more simple, try a style like the Dark Purple Scalloped Moulded Cup One-Piece Swimsuit. It has a cheery boho print and a ruched, high-waisted bikini bottom. Together they keep proportions perfectly balanced and ensure you'll never look top-heavy in your swimsuit.


What is a longline bikini? The longline bikini gets its name from the fabric under the bust extending down to the ribcage. This thick band adds coverage and support. We love longline styles because they help accentuate the waist, making them a figure-flattering option for curvy women.

Whether you love them for their unique looks or the extra support, longline styles are all-around winners. Bathing suits like the Blue and Floral Lace-Up Bikini are a perfect example. Self-tie straps crisscross three times down the back, distributing weight evenly. It also lets you adjust the fit and support across your upper, middle, and lower back.


Technically we've already covered the importance of thick and sturdy straps, but we cannot stress this enough. How straps are designed is important. Crisscross straps will help distribute and balance weight. Thicker straps will naturally hold up more, and you don't want your straps digging into your shoulders, so being able to adjust is a must. The more adjustable your shoulder straps are, the better. In addition to halter necklines, look for lace-up and wrap styles to hold you in while still being comfortable.

Bathing suits like the Colorblocked V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit, a super flattering maillot with adjustable, double straps that crisscross at the back, will distribute the weight across your back without digging in to your shoulders. For the tried and true security of a bathing suit with thick straps, try something like the Orange And Purple Floral Lace-Up Bikini.


Give them a try! For more figure-flattering bikinis and one-pieces, check out our latest arrivals.