Working (It) From Home


Everyone’s at home, and that’s the best place to be. But you’ve already organized your closet and created labeled folders for your inbox. We get it; it’s time for tips that area little more fun and out-of-the-box, tasks and ideas that upgrade the basics you’ve been doing anyway. So take a look at our ideas on how to make staying inside feel more comfortable, productive, and fun—something we can all agree is totally necessary right now.So without further ado, here’s a bit of inspo from Cupshe to help you get your at-home routine sorted....



Keep A Schedule

It seems like days float into one another lately, and that’s okay. However, if you let it go too long, it can mess up your sleep schedule and make time tick away slowly and endlessly. Help yourself stay motivated and on-track with a daily schedule that’s still flexible enough for an impromptu dance around the kitchen or extra load of laundry.Most importantly, make sure you’re waking up and going to sleep around the same time each day, since it’s good for your body and helps your mind stay sharp while you’re working from home. Create a set routine to give yourself structure with enough time to exercise and/or stretch, eat normally timed (not rushed) meals, and an appropriate amount of downtime in the evening. Also, be sure to change out of your pajamas into a WFH outfit. Though it might seem counter-intuitve since staying in bedclothes is one of the luxuries of working from home, it makes a difference in your mindset and lets you separate your “me-time” from your office hours. We recommend a cute kimono like Cupshe’s floral-print option over leggings or slouchy-yet-chic tee and shorts. Always be kind to yourself if you forget to stretch in the morning or you end up working through lunch. It’s no big deal and there’s always tomorrow, when you can stick to the schedule anew!



Try A New Workout

Exercise is good for the soul as well as the body, and there’s really no excuse to sit on the couch indefinitely. Surely you’ve seen that celebrities are posting their at-home workouts online,right? You can mimic your Hollywood hero without worries—and without the dedicated gym room in your home like they have. Instead, take a few moments to scroll through Instagram (don’t pretend you haven’t already been doing that non-stop) and check out new at-home workouts from famous trainers, ballet stars, and your favorite fitness studios all popping up in your feed.Many popular nationwide studios are offering extended free trials, special discounts, or totally payment-free classes to stream while we’re all at home. You won’t need much more than a towel and enough room to stretch out your limbs, but we do have one word of advice. Make sure your mobile device is fully charged and has a solid internet connection. You’ll be glad it’s locked and loaded (no buffering or dying without a charge) when you’re in the middle of a challenging set of reps, sun salutations or pliés



Fortify Your Fortress

Whether it’s creating a cordoned-off work area where you can telecommute in peace or making sure your relaxation spaceis on lock with fluffy throw pillows and all the best streaming services, there’s never been a more crucial time to invest in simple home upgrades that you can install or apply yourself. Start by sectioning off a dedicated nook that can serve as your in-home office. It doesn’t need to be huge or even in its own room; a simple foldable desk that you can claim as your office is enough to keep your work area separate from the rest of your place. This will help you stay focused when it’s time to deliver that project or prep for a video meeting instead of defaulting to the couch, which should be used for off-duty purposes only. Speaking of your sofa, think about treating yourself to washable slipcovers. For one, they change the look of your space quickly and without a huge financial commitment. Plus, unlike your cushions, they can be thrown into the washing machine if you accidentally spill your wine during a virtual happy hour with friends. And yes, you can finally get that millenial pink/animal print/minimalist grey couch you’ve always want



Experiment With A New Dish

If your cooking experience is limited to reheating leftover takeout in the microwave, you might want to consider this time as an opportunity to stretch your culinary skill set. In short, if you can read, you can follow a recipe. Also, if you can boil water, you can make pasta. Start off simple, keeping to ingredients you have on hand—and chances are you’ve recently restocked your supplies with non-perishables like beans, rice, pasta, peanut butter, and hopefully some chocolate (your reward after all this cooking).Lucky for all of us, there are zillions of great new pantry-centric recipes popping up daily on cooking blogs, food-centric websites and even in your daily newspaper. One of our faves? Pasta al limone, which doesn’t need more than spaghetti, a lemon, a clove of garlic, butter, and parmesan. Once you’ve mastered a basic and one yummy dinner later, you’re basically feeling like a modern-day Julia Child. Now go ahead and break into that “crisis chocolate.”



Plant An Indoor Garden

Vegetation is always a good idea, especially in when you’re commited to staying inside but craving to be near something—anything—green. First, the good news: it’s a super-simple hobby to take up and you don’t need a large space to start your indoor garden, because any sunny windowsill will do. Now, the even-better news: plants clean the air for humans. Remember that from earth science in school? We love that plants actually make your home nicer on the molecular level, aside from giving you pleasant colors to look at when you’re in quarantine-mode. If you can’t make it to a nursery or home supply store now, don’t stress. You can order everything you need, including the actual plants, online for pickup or for home delivery. One thing to beware of: don’t start your home garden from seeds unless you’ve already done it before; it’s a little tricky for an absolute no-experience newbie indoor gardener. Instead, go for small but hearty house plants that don’t need a lot of your attention to thrive, and keep in mind how much light you get during daylight hours before buying. After that, it’s as easy street: put your plants, a couple of pots and a bag of soil over a spread-out newspaper on the floor and get your hands dirty in the(bagged, potted) earth. Before you know it, it’s done...and just like that, you’re officially a gardener.



Check Out Faraway Places, Museums, Or A Broadway Show

Seriously, what would we do without the internet? If you’ve had enough cat videos for a lifetime or three, opt to engage your brain with all of the cool virtual museum visits available right now. Take a virtual stroll through the famous Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC via Google Arts & Culture, or get closer to Van Gogh’s inspiring sunflower paintings than you could in real life on a virtual tour of Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. We dare you to find anything more soothing than watching the beloved zoo’s furry koalas chilling ina tree! If you’re keenly aware of missing out on travel opportunities right now, take yourself on a short VR tour of Japan, Ireland, or the Great Wall of China, with no plane fare needed. Sure, they’re short overviews, but it’s perfect for getting wanderlust ideas and hatching future travels plans. Be sure to take advantage of cultural highlights on the cheap right now, too. BroadwayHD offers a 7-day free trial that you can use to stream Tony-winning plays and classic musicals (hey there, Phantom of the Opera & A Doll’s House).London’s National Theatre is making all of their content free to stream for a limited time, too.This means you can see James Corden flex his acting chops in One Man, Two Guvnors—a performance that helped him break through before his name became synonymous with Carpool Karaoke.



Stay In The Moment

It’s really easy right now to get caught up in the “what-ifs” that may or may not happen. It will make your head spin trying to figure out what happens next. Instead, do what you can today. Make a list of tasks, be present,and try to focus on what you can control: your own actions, right this moment. Know that staying home is the right thing to do for your family, friends, neighbors, and the community at large. We’ll all have a chance to hang out IRL and hit the beach again soon enough. Staying sane, safe,and well is more than enough right now


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