Welcome to "Women Making Waves, a series about amazing women who are forging their own path and creating their own stories. These are the women who inspire our designs and embody what Cupshe is all about!

1. Tell us a little bit about you!
My name is Angelina Le - like Angelina Jolie but without the Jo :D
I am a fashion, beauty, and travel content creator, who loves to apply my graphic design skills to express my creativity, personality, and emotions. I find myself and my style through places that I have visited around the world.
2. How long ago did you start blogging? How did you get into blogging and what are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the last industry in the last couple of years?
I started blogging when I was in college and gosh I think it was forever years ago lol. My vision for my blog is to create an on-growing community that gives my audience style tips, fashion hacks, knowledge of new products in the market, and my honest reviews to those new products. My creativity and endless search on new trends, never stop growing because technologies and new apps have been developed to help to blog more convenient. I am seeing a lot more people found their passion in blogging and it makes me happy to see that this industry continues to grow and that we are all learning from one another to help each other to improve creating digital content.
3. You’ve been a couple of really awesome trips in the last year or so. What are your travel must-haves?
Traveling has been a big part of my content and I am grateful to be able to do so, because of my followers' support and love. I am inspired differently in each part of the world and my aesthetic evolves with every place that I visit. I’m from Vietnam and because I grew up in a tropical country, traveling anywhere tropical in the world always has a special place in my heart. The one thing I always travel with is at least one bikini - even on a non-beach/resort trip. The reason is, you never know if the hotel is going to have a pool or if you’re going to run into some sort of pool/beach situation and then you are stranded without the appropriate wardrobe. In addition, these bikini options from Cupshe can also be worn as cropped tops for any outfit on hot blazing days in tropical countries. I always travel with my sunscreen because skincare is not just about your face but the full body as well.
4. What kind of swimsuits styles are your most excited to wear on your next beach trip?
I love their collection because not only they are cute but also very versatile. My top 4 favorite swimsuits from Cupshe are:
When wearing a bikini, I recommend to always have a cute cover-up, when you are exploring around. Here are some of my favorites:

5. What advice do you have for people who are trying to get into the fashion influencer world?
I’d say: Just go for it! Because why not? For sure you will run into challenges but never be afraid to ask questions and reach out for help. There always will be a way to figure things out. There are so many high tech apps that are available in the market that help you to achieve your goal more conveniently. But I would say to do it because you are truly passionate about fashion or whatever your specialty is. Never do it for the glam, fame, and freebies because those won’t last forever but your passion will. If you are going to invest your diligence and time, then it will take off sooner or later, when the time is right. Also, I recommend to never compare yourself to other influencers if they have more campaigns or freebies; there is room for everyone and your time to flourish will come.

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