What Your Favorite Swimsuit Print Says About You

Did you know that your swimsuit speaks for you before you ever utter a word? It’s true! Florals, checks, polka dots, animal and botanical prints all help communicate your personality and unique style. Read on to find out what your favorite pattern says about you!

Leaf Prints
Botanical prints full of lush leaves appeal to outdoorsy and adventurous types--whether they’re of the gardening-at-home or the wannabe Bear Grylls-camping trip sort. On weekends, leaf print lovers are either off on their latest wilderness adventure, trying out new hiking trails in the hills and looking for a hidden swimming hole, or can be found plotting out their latest foray into organic herb gardening. Nature and all its wonders fascinate them and being surrounded by greenery calms their soul.

Styles to Try: If you’re loving all things botanical print, start adding this motif into your swimwear wardrobe with stylish bikini options like the Lush Leaves Lace-up Bikini or Court and Sparks Bikini Set. For a bolder botanical look, think about bikini styles like the Monstera Print With Ruffles Bikini, with its adorable, almost artsy take on a leafy motif. Maillots with this print like the Pink Banana Leaf One-piece Swimsuit (also available in a two-piece) veer towards the super-sophisticated and chic, think less lakeside dock and more South Beach, Miami. 

Plaids & Gingham Print
Grid-loving gals can sometimes come off as aloof, but really, they’re just applying logic and a cool head to everyday situations--which includes swimsuit shopping. Graphic checks, windowpane plaids and gingham appeal to their love of order and organization. They’re drawn to analytical pursuits like reading (and yes, a steamy novel on the beach totally counts) and have been known to play a competitive game of tic-tac-toe in the sand. Clean, crisp patterns satisfy their need for order while still delivering a playful poolside look.

Styles to Try: It’s almost too easy to stay within your comfort zone if you’re a grid-print person. One-piece swimwear styles like the Classic Plaid One-Piece or the  Black And White Plaid Plunging One-piece Swimsuit and bikinis like the Black And White Gingham Bikini With Ruffles are surefire winners that tick all the boxes--pun intended. For check-lovers who enjoy pushing their boundaries a bit more, colored gingham looks like the Yellow Gingham Ruffled Bikini offer a more lighthearted but still traditional take on a grid pattern that’s just right for sun-soaked days spent on the beach.

Animal Print
People enthralled by this wild look often have bold, and sometimes flirty, personalities. These drama queens appreciate the look-at-me quality that animal prints provide, so you’ll often find them burning up the dance floor at the newest club. Another place you’ll spot animal-print lovers? Commandeering a cabana at the pool with their clique of friends, everyone hanging onto each word while they spill the latest T. These fun-loving divas would surely pair their animal-print swimsuits with spiked platform heels for the beach...that is, if they could build a catwalk that kept them from sinking into the sand.

Styles to Try: Bring out your wild side with a bold bikini like the Leopard Print High-Waist Bikini Set or the Wanna Be Wild Print Bikini Set, designed with a padded top for extra support. If you prefer maillot styles, you won’t be able to resist the call of the Keep Energetic Print One-piece Swimsuit, which pairs its leopard print with a slinky one-shouldered silhouette. Or think beyond the big cat country with a sexy snakeskin print. The Snake Print Reversible Bikini is totally on-trend for the season--we’re seeing this motif everywhere, from the runways to Insta-influencers--but it’s perfect for the beach, too!

Polka Dots
Retro-feeling and perky as can be, polka dots (perhaps surprisingly) draw in glam gals. This vintage-leaning print has a sassy side that appeals to ladies who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but their signature pin-up style even when it’s time to don a swimsuit. The polka dot enthusiast takes her love of bygone eras seriously: you’ll find her serving a red lip, a perfectly coiffed hairdo and oversized cat eye sunglasses while chilling out under a coordinated parasol. There might also be a faux old-timey radio involved. And possibly a tiki drink. Oh, another thing? They prefer the pool over the beach because there’s a lesser chance of water interfering with their lewk.

Styles to Try: Nostalgia-tinged suits like the Black and White Polka Dot Bikini are as flattering as they are fabulous. This style’s scalloped trim and lace-up front add a sweet touch. We’re all about the cute retro “sleeves” on the Peach Polka Dot High-waisted Bikini. With its self-tied details at the front and the back, you can customize this top to fit to your body perfectly. Or try pin-up inspired look like the Knotted Scoop Polka Dot Bikini, for classic polka dot style.

“Vive la romance” is the rallying manifesto for friends of floral prints. Heady blooms attract girly gals that usually steer directly towards flared dresses and lighthearted Rom-Coms when on dry land. Flowers inherently emphasize their feminine side, which they’re proud to display in all its glory. You can find these ladies enjoying their well-honed self-care rituals (hello, bubble baths and face masks) or checking out cute new boutiques in town with their #squad in tow.

Styles to Try: Those who prefer a two-piece suits will fall hard for the Navy Floral Triangle Bikini. The combination of a demure floral pattern and a cheeky bottom set the dial to surfside romance. For a brighter options, there’s the Vibrant Yellow Floral One-piece Swimsuit. This sunny-hued style is awash in pretty pink roses for a look that’s blooming with feminine charm. The Pink Floral Belted One-piece Swimsuit combines romantic flowers with a plunging neckline and self-tying sash at the waist for a more seductive interpretation of this print.

If you’ve followed your heart towards these swirling prints, it’s possible you’ve 1) been on a yoga retreat at some point in the last 6 months, 2) you have a thing for essential oils, and/or 3) you may or may not own clothing items like fringed vests and macramé dresses. Free spirits flock to this pattern for its mood-lifting, meditative properties. Paisley enthusiasts are always looking for ways to go deeper into their “practice” or find their Zen. Their happy place is atop a paddle board in a calm bay, moving from cobra into downward dog position. 

Styles to Try: The Summer Paisley Lace-Up One-Piece Swimsuit is the perfect summer paisley print. If you’re just starting to wind your way towards whirling paisley prints, start with the Green Paisley Halter Bikini With Moulded Cups. This two-piece suit features the pattern at its most classic: a restricted palette of hues, but still sprawling, elaborate and mind-expanding. The Paradise Cove One-piece Swimsuit positions this print on a monokini, pairing oversized paisleys with dramatic cutout sides for a uniquely boho look.

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