Wear The Rainbow

Nothing perks up a swimwear wardrobe quite like a spot of color! But where do you start when it’s time to brighten up your beach look? Right here, in fact! Narrow down the sea of options by using your favorite color as a starting point. Check if your hue of choice matches your personality and fits the vibe you want to project this summer. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing the rainbow all swimsuit season long!


The official hue of happiness, yellow projects pure optimism. If you want a summer full of good vibes, this sunny color is the way to go. Creative and bubbly personalities gravitate to its warmth and energy, so if you consider yourself to be right-brained, outgoing, and sociable, move yellow to the top of your list. The Ruffled Floral Wrap V-neck Bikini promises fun times to come, with a cheery floral print (that features yellow blooms, of course) on a wraparound bikini top teamed a solid yellow bikini bottom that’s ruffled around the hip straps. Switch it up and put this joyful shade on top with the Yellow And Leaves Print Bikini. The longline yellow bikini top here is interspersed with ladder-style straps at the front for a peek of cleavage without revealing too much.


Orange is the color of enthusiasm, so if you’re as excited as we are about spending time on the beach and at the pool this summer, this could be the hue for you! People with determined personalities flock to this bold color for its connotations with success and strength. A perfect example: the Neon Orange Knotted High-waisted Bikini is not for shy, retiring types. The stop-you-in-your-tracks neon shade adds serious oomph to a halter-style bralette bikini top and its matching high-waisted bikini bottom. The Bright Day Shirring One-Piece Swimsuit makes a suitable entry point for folks who prefer a maillot swimsuit. The warm orange tone and ruched gathers here offer a softer alternative if neon’s not your thing.


Playful and traditionally associated with femininity, the color pink adds a special glow to just about anything, including swimsuits. Hey, there’s a reason pink is beloved by millennials—it’s flattering, fun, and exudes harmony. If you’re known for your affectionate nature, pink is the shade for you! The Sweet Pink And Red High Waisted Bikini creates a kittenish look with major vintage inspiration. Featuring wide supportive straps, the bikini top is powder pink, while the coordinating (but not matchy-matchy) bikini bottom is more terra cotta pink in color—think along the lines of a sunset on the beach. If you’re seeking just a touch of pink, try the Pink Twisted Halter Bikini. A black-and-white printed, high-waisted bikini bottom offsets the bubblegum pink halter bikini top nicely.


A powerful color that connotes allure and seduction (ok...and sometimes rage), red makes a serious statement when you sport it at the beach or by the pool. If your nearest and dearest would describe you as passionate and adventurous, this might just be your color. Don’t be put off by its intense reputation—red is also incredibly flattering on a range of skin tones. Case in point: the On A Whim Falbala One-Piece Swimsuit, in a rich scarlet shade, is styled with romantic ruffles and an adjustable halter neckline for a customized fit. For something more daring, look to the Nobody Knows Cross Bikini Set in a blazing ruby hue. This teeny bikini’s additional straps wrap around the torso—such a sexy look—while the low-cut bottom is designed for maximum cheek exposure in the back.


Long associated with royalty, purple dyes were prized by everyone from the ancient Phoenicians to Byzantine emperors to Queen Elizabeth I. No wonder this refined color confers

nobility and implies all-out luxury. If you’re drawn to this regal hue, you’re likely to have an ambitious spirit and an independent mind, which means you should feel free to experiment with swimsuits like the Purple Ruffles And Floral Print Bikini. Designed as a mix-and-match look, this two-piece swimsuit has a ruffle-bedecked, corset-laced, solid purple bikini top and a coordinated low-rise bottom featuring a bevy of blooms against a purple background. If you’re in search of a purple one-piece bathing suit, opt for the Charming Plum One-Piece Swimsuit. This pared-back bathing suit is minimalist without being boring, thanks to the plunging neckline and delicate straps that tie across the back.


There’s a reason meditation apps and bedroom walls are often rendered in blue: this cool hue feels soothing to the soul and is purported to promote stability. Is it by chance then that our top two relaxation spots, the beach and the pool, both prominently feature blue (in the form of water)? We think not. People who are drawn to blue are said to be confident, wise and serene. Likewise, there’s a certain effortlessness to blue bathing suits. The Royal Elegance One-Piece Swimsuit, for example, features a tonal floral print atop an azure background for a doubly chill effect, plus ruffled “sleeves” that create a flirty finishing touch. Blue lovers can draw on that aforementioned confidence when donning the bold design of the Blue Wrap Halter One-Piece Swimsuit. This monokini is a swoon-worthy combo of wraparound elements, halter straps, cutouts, and ruching—all in a midnight-toned swim fabric that has a glamorous hint of shine.


Not truly a blue and not quite a green, aqua merges the peacefulness of one shade with the youthful kick of the other. This color symbolizes friendship and good luck, so it’s no wonder that it’s a preferred shade for everything from interior decor to sports team logos. If you’re enamored by aqua, you’re likely to be light-hearted and loyal, with a trustworthy intuition and an individualistic streak. In which case, you’ll have no problem giving in to your gut feeling about the Aqua Scallop One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit. This striking bathing suit is trimmed with adorable scalloped edges, which balance out the sleek single-shouldered cut. It’s fashion-forward, but also totally approachable—just like you!


Not only related to all things natural, green is also associated with longevity and wealth...so needless to say, this is a color we can all stand behind! Folks who choose green as their favorite color are inclined to be generous, compassionate, and healthy as a kale smoothie. Get into the spirit with the Green Grass Solid One-Piece Swimsuit. This not-so-simple tank suit is updated with clever cutouts at the bustline and mid-back for a subtle peek-a-book effect. If you’d like to show a little more midriff, the In The Moment Bikini mimics tropical vegetation with its forest green shade and leaf-like scalloped edges. Lastly, the retro-leaning Lime Green Textured High-Waisted Bikini gets its vintage vibes from a subtly patterned fabric and a high-waisted bikini bottom, making it an unexpectedly cool way to wear this color.


Did you know that black isn’t really a “color” when found in nature? Quick science lesson: it’s the absence (or absorption) of light. Somehow this info just makes it more dramatic and alluring! People who prefer black are supposed to be mysterious and authoritative...but we suspect that if you’re drawn to donning black, it’s likely due to the universally flattering, totally chic look of black clothing. Create an air of sophistication at the beach (even when you’re stealing your child’s juice box from the cooler or furiously digging your beach towel out of a sand drift) in the Solid Black V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit. This bathing suit is accented with scalloped details that flutter over panels of sheer mesh, making it elegant but also ultra-wearable. For a two-piece option, give the Black And White Crochet Bikini a whirl. While crochet usually skews boho, the minimalist color palette here—black with a touch of white trim—is actually quite sleek and unique.

Didn’t find the right color swimsuit or haven’t pinned down your special shade yet? There’s plenty more to choose from here and all around our site. If you can’t choose just one favorite color, check out our collection of swim separates that can be mixed and matched—colors, prints, silhouettes—according to your mood each day!

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