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Here’s a question: who isn’t ready to move on to 2021? This year has been a challenge, and we’re ready for better, brighter days ahead...not to mention next year’s new trends. Since we can’t press a fast-forward button, the next best thing is to shop right now for the styles that style forecasters are predicting will be hot in the new year. Check out the best of the emerging trends in 2021 swimwear that you can snap up today to get ahead of the curve!


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that ruffles will be seen on beaches everywhere next year. This feminine trend is great for adding “something extra” to even the plainest bikini or one-piece swimsuit. We’re particularly fond of the way that ruffles lend a little romance to a beach ensemble; their ability to flutter along with your movement makes this trend especially flirty!

Look to styles like the Blue Ruffled Bikini, with its cheeky bottom and ruffle-trimmed top, if you want the newest iteration of the trend. The ruffles here act as flutter sleeves for a fun twist on a two-piece swimsuit. If you’re fond of mixing prints and solids, the Orange Ruffle Bikini With Floral Bottom makes a good choice, too. The ruffles here lend some softness to a nearly neon-bright orange top, while the floral print on the bottom feels vintage-y in the best possible way.

For those among us who prefer one-pieces, selections like the Moss Green Ruffled One-Piece create a chic way to incorporate ruffles into your swimsuit wardrobe. While maillot swimsuits have a reputation for being less daring than their two-piece counterparts, this style proves that theory wrong. A plunging neckline in front, a cutout and corset-laced back, plus ruffles that run over the shoulders make this suit a knockout.

Among Cupshe’s most popular swimwear options, the Royal Elegance One-Piece Swimsuit will be on the cusp of next year’s trend frontier. It’s continued to be a bestseller because of the flattering plunge-cut neckline and sweetly ruffled “sleeves.” But now’s the time to buy it if you’ve been on the fence, since ruffles are about to officially become a big deal in 2021!

Candy Brights

On the color front, there’s more than one hue that you’ll be seeing around town in 2021. A host of candy-colored brights, from bubblegum pink to lemon drop yellow, means you have lots of options to experiment with. It’s also a relief to have multiple color trend choices to pick from, since it allows you to find the tint that looks the best on you. That said, bright colors are generally easier to wear and more flattering on a wider range of skin colors than muted tones––so this is one trend we can all approve of!

The Bright Yellow Wide Straps Bikini is a concoction that’s all sweet, no sour. This bikini brings a sunny vibe to your beach look and works particularly well on caramel and cocoa skin tones. For fair complexions, the Purple Strappy Bikini Set incorporates another one of 2021’s top trends, skinny strappy ties, with a grape color that will pop against paler skin.

When it comes to one-piece swimsuits, we’ve got an orange crush on the Twist Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit, with its alluring cutout in front. This monokini design gets extra points for having an adjustable halter neckline, which lets you customize the fit to your liking.

The Pink One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit makes another smart option if you want to jump on the brights bandwagon before it blows up next year. The one-shoulder silhouette is another top pick for 2021 and the happy color is basically wearable cotton candy, without the calories of the IRL fluffy stuff.

Lots of Ties

Though some people get finicky about straplines, we don’t mind them, especially if it means we get to wear the hottest swimwear styles of the next season first! This fresh trend is all about the details, namely teeny ties and slinky straps that add drama to any swimsuit, be it a two-piece, monokini, or maillot.

A prime example of this: the Red Strappy Lace Up One-Piece Swimsuit, which takes the Baywatch-era classic red maillot and updates it for 2021. A harness-style front, complete with ring detail, and a corset-laced back add up to a singularly racy look that’s also trend-forward.

A sweeter––but still sexy––way to wear the ties trend is the Yellow Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit. There’s something that feels vaguely French Riviera-esque about this suit, with its paneled construction and adjustable shoulder straps. But don’t let that fool you: the front shows off serious under-cleavage with bold cutouts and adjustable skinny ties. Pair it a wide-brimmed straw hat and pretend you’re at the Cannes Film Festival (only six months early).

Another high-impact option, the Nobody Knows Cross Bikini Set is a two-piece swimsuit with extra-long additional straps that you can wind around your torso in a variety of ways. This bikini features a string-sided Brazilian-cut bottom for more exposure and infinite coquetry.

In summary, we approve of this up-and-coming trend and say bring on the strap marks––it’s not like you’ll be leaving the beach without tan lines somewhere, anyway!


Let’s just say we are very, very aware of the fact that many of our favorite international beaches are off-limits at the moment. Since there’s not much far-flung travel happening in the near future, we’ll comfort ourselves with another one of 2021’s top trends instead: tropical prints.

Nothing gets people in a beach-going mood quite like a lush print, so break out the Pink Palm Print One-Piece Swimsuit when you need an extra dose of sunshine for the day ahead. The formula here is simple: a plunging halter-neck maillot makes the ideal background for palm leaves and a popping pink hue.

For a swimsuit with extra structure and the same tropical vibes, try the Tropical Leafy One-Piece Swimsuit. This teal beauty features molded cups with underwire support for extra shaping on top. The effect is pure pin-up glamour with a twist of vintage tiki thrown in for good measure.

Curvy ladies will want to get in the ground floor of this trend, too. A plus size swimsuit that features the same molded cups and underwire formula but in a cool blue two-piece design, the Blue Leafy Contrast Trim Plus Size Bikini offers bra-like support with a high-waisted bottom. All of this is combined with a retro-inspired palm print and contrasting white piping for definition.

If you’re after a more custom look, bikini separates will fit the bill. We’re crazy for the vibrant tropical print on the Bright Leafy Print Bikini Top and its matching partner, the Bright Leafy Print Bikini Bottom. With separates, you can buy different sizes to get the perfect fit or combine the printed pieces with other solid separates for a whole wardrobe of mix-and-match looks. While this method is particularly helpful for maximizing your swimsuit wardrobe while traveling, you can totally mix in next year’s Tropicalia trend at your local beach or pool, too!

Single Shoulder Swimsuits

Sculptural and refined, one-shoulder swimsuits offer a new direction for 2021. The removal of just one strap somehow makes even the simplest suits look positively avant-garde. You’ll see what we mean with the Enjoy It One Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit. This maillot is practically minimalist before you factor in the ol’ razzle-dazzle: it’s enhanced with a touch of sparkle in the fabric, a single-shoulder silhouette, and even a ruffle detail––an additional trend that will be rocketing to popularity in the new year.

To prove that one shoulder styles aren’t one-note, look no further than the Colorblock One Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit. There’s a nautical vibe here thanks to the lace-up details in the front, but the cheery colors are pure sweetness––a nod to the candy brights trend that’s on the up-and-up alongside this one. Another one-shouldered wonder, the Orange With Leopard Tie Swimsuit, is as almost as bare as a bikini, with a cutout midriff in front and back. The colorful leopard-print waist tie serves as an accent to the curves of its silhouette, adding an exclamation point with a playful pop of pattern.

While a bikini can be challenging to pull off in a one-shoulder silhouette, our Miss The Past One Shoulder Bikini Set is a standout. This style is so beloved that it’s sold out and been restocked, for good reason: the top is substantial enough to stay up despite its single shoulder, and those scalloped edges are just too cute! Go for it now, before everyone else gets the same idea next year.

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