Top Trends & Must-Haves For Summer 2020

It’s been a while coming now. The weather is warming up and the days are lasting longer, so it’s starting to feel like now is the right time to invest in a few new items for summer. But where to start? Don’t worry—we’ve got this one covered for you. Keep reading to find out fun ways to infuse up-and-coming trends and must-have silhouettes into your closet now so you’ll look 100% fresh for summer 2020.


Marigold & Buttercup Yellow

These happy hues top the trend list for summer 2020, and it’s easy to see why. They both have slightly warmer undertones than other yellows of the past, which means that they’ll flatter multiple skin tones. Plus, these colors are the equivalent of wearing sunshine; they couldn’t be more in-step for a trip to the beach or the pool. One-piece swimsuits like the Yellow Criss Cross One-Piece Swimsuit combine a sunny shade of the moment with a silhouette that has timeless appeal—it’s the simplicity of the design that allows the color to take center stage. Alternatively, a style like the Yellow Leafy Buttoned Wrap Dress has a lot going on: a leaf print, asymmetrical buttons, a slit at the front...but a honeyed hue holds everything together for a cute and cohesive look.

Boho Prints

Given our current clothing climate—all chill, all the time—it should come as no surprise that bohemian-inspired prints are a must-buy this summer. Twirling paisleys, mini florals, or a combo of both add the right amount of easy-does-it appeal to a beach outing or a backyard gathering. Get the look right with the Boho Lace Up One-Piece Swimsuit, which mixes multiple prints with aplomb and gets daring a touch thanks to its corset-laced back. Likewise, the hippie-chick vibe of the Red Boho Print Short Dress is so refreshing right now. Wear it as a coverup for the beach, or as a tunic paired with shorts or jeans for a different feel.

Polka Dots

It’s funny how a pattern that’s so classic is also skewing totally Fashion with a capital F right now. Yes, ladies, polka dots have reclaimed their rightful place as a reigning pattern on the runways of the world this season. The way to wear them now is without nostalgia; there’s no need to take it to a vintage pin-up styling place. Case in point: the Navy Polka Dot Midi Dress. This dotted design features a modern belted silhouette and slinky straps that attach to a racerback behind the shoulders. The ultra-sexy cut of the Teal Polka Dot O-Ring Bikini also ensures this seminal dot print feels completely new. The Brazilian-cut bottom exposes a fair amount of cheek, while the bikini top is seriously strappy in the back for a barely-there look.

Unique sleeves

Fashion’s love affair with all things sleeve-related shows no sign of stopping, and it’s really no surprise. A unique sleeve, be it a full balloon sleeve or a whisper of a flutter sleeve, can lend instant drama to any design. So feel free to go full steam ahead with this style crush, adding it into the mix for day, night, and even trips to the beach. Rock some serious volume with the Yellow Babydoll Ruffled Dress, a flounced mini with romantic poet’s sleeves and finished with sweet ruffles at the cuffs. For a dip in your preferred body of water, try some off-the-shoulder sleeves on a maillot. This unexpected detail elevates the Red Off-The-Shoulder Ruffles One-Piece Swimsuit, while spaghetti straps stay over the shoulders to ensure that everything stays in place. These ruffled sleeves are strictly for style impact only.

Loungewear Outside

The sartorial influence of the stay-at-home orders we’ve experienced all over the country (and the globe) has made a mark, and we’re all in favor of bringing our loungewear faves off the couch and into the wider world. Relaxation staples like pajamas, robes, leggings and the like are looking totally fresh when worn in a different context, be it the sidewalk or the surfside. The caftan shape of the Boho Print Maxi Cover Up is so breezy, like something you’d wear on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Ditto for the Floral Print Buttoned Cover Up, a style that could easily double as a nightshirt in a pinch when you’re not wearing it over a swimsuit at the beach.

80s Revival

Were the 1980s really a more innocent time? Of course not. But when it comes to style, there was something downright playful about certain looks of the era. Now that neon, colorblocking, and cutout details are making a comeback, and we’re totally here for it! Vibrant and bold, these 80s-inspired trends add some much-needed punch back into our collective wardrobes full of staid neutrals and ho-hum basics. Put the full package of 80s-influenced design on display with the Neon Green Stylish Cutout Bikini, or go with a more geometrically inclined look like the Yellow White And Navy Cutout One-piece Swimsuit. This high-necked maillot is just as sexy as any two-piece suit, while still serving major 80s attitude.


Light and airy, crochet is the absolute essence of summer. So we’re pretty psyched that it’s one of the materials trending for summer 2020, and there are actually more ways to wear it than you might think! For example, this textural fabric is perfect for layering. Try something like our White Sleeveless Tassels Cover Up beyond the boardwalk. We’re especially loving it on top of a slinky little slip dress, or combined with more substantial pieces like a short-sleeve t-shirt and denim cutoffs. Should you prefer your crochet on the beach only, make it into a major fashion moment with the Green Off-The-Shoulder High Waisted Bikini. This unique style has little off-the-shoulder sleeves and a lace-up detail in front that gives it the “wow” factor.

Tie Dye

Another retro-leaning trend that looks totally new right now: tie dye. This trend is lightyears away from its former incarnations as a summer camp staple, vintage concert merch, or fashion experiment gone wrong (we all have one sorry-looking excuse for a self-dyed tee stuffed into the back of our closest…don’t pretend you don’t know what we mean). Today’s tie dye is bold but balanced, with a limited palette but unlimited styling potential. All-in-one styles like the Blue Tie-Dye Front Tie Romper are simple to wear anytime. Treat it as a sophisticated alternative to a dress and pair it with wedge espadrilles and an armload of bangles, or keep it casual and wear it as cover up for the beach with flip flops. For a fully tie-dyed look, pair it with Blue Crush Tie-Dye Bikini in different blue and white tones that still reference the colorscheme of the romper.


There’s something just so summery about gingham. It recalls picnics and beach blankets, with the feeling of sun kissing your skin. This year’s take on the gingham trend is decidedly less country-fied and more refined, able to go from the water’s edge to sundowners at a café without missing a beat. For a more graphic take on the trend, play with proportion: we’re partial to this Red Polka Dot and Plaid One-Piece Swimsuit with two distinct sizes of checks. Looking for another grownup version of gingham you can sport on dry land, too? Try the Gingham And Striped Ruffled Dress, which mixes a high neckline with delicate ruffles and a chic midi length. We love the feminine but unfussy vibe, underscored by a belt at the waistline.

Zebra Print

No one, dear fashion fans, can resist the call of the wild. This year’s top animal trend takes inspiration from the eye-catching zebra rather than the usual array of big cats (tiger, cheetah, leopard, and the like). There’s plenty of ways to wear it, too. Go straight for the impactful punch of a two-tone two piece like the Navy Solid And Zebra Halter V-Neck Bikini. Or try this print in a not-so-natural mix of colors for a different take on the trend. For example, the Black White And Yellow Zebra Print Cover Up, which swirls in a bold pop of yellow, or the Zebra Print Midi Dress, which features cool blues and a curve-hugging silhouette combined with a demure midi hemline for an appealing contrast.

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