The Cutest Stuff to Bring to the Beach & Pool This Summer

Now that many states have opened up their shorelines again, we’re ready to head back to the beach…in a socially distant and responsible way, of course! Things have definitely shifted a bit this year, but some things never change, like the need for adorable yet clever accessories that make a trip to the beach or a day at the pool more fun and ideally, stress-free. Here’s a roundup of some of our new fave bring-alongs, all of which happen to match rather well with Cupshe swimwear, even if we do say so ourselves!

The Cutest Stuff to Bring to the Beach & Pool This Summer

Beach Coolers

The one thing you can count on during summer? Hot weather. While it’s awesome for basking in the sun at the beach or floating around in the pool, it’s definitely less great for snacks and bevs. Prevent wilting and spoiling with a 25-quart cooler full of throwback appeal: the Igloo Retro Picnic Basket Cooler has the early 1990s trifecta of teal, magenta, and banana-yellow colorblocking going on, which lends an old-school-cool touch to your outing. This big boy holds 36 normal-sized (12-ounce) cans, so you can keep the party going all day long and into the night, if you so desire. For something lighter, leaner, and less expensive, you can’t go wrong with a Coleman FlipLid 5-Quart Cooler. The petite proportions here make it just right for bringing things like cut veggies, fruit, and sandwiches to the beach. We recommend adding in an ice pack though, since it’s small size also means it’s liable to warm up faster in the sun’s hot rays.


Okay, so you have the cooler situation sorted out. Now, if you could only figure out what to do with all those, we ask you, do you intend to keep them refreshingly chilled while you’re at the beach? Does anyone know of a way? Kidding! A well-insulated tumbler should be a straight-up required purchase for any serious land mermaid. Cutie-patootie options like the Corksicle Poketo Tumbler, a collab between the ice-loving people at one company and the design aficionados at another, makes sipping look so much better. S’well, another high-end thermos maker, updates the simple and efficient Takeaway Tumbler with a fun-loving fruit pattern. Because if you’re going to be drinking under the hot sun, you’re also going to need smiling, sunglass-wearing lemons to be printed on your tumbler—obviously.

Foldable Chairs

While some people feel that an actual, physical seat at the beach is superfluous, we are not those people. It’s nice to have one on hand if you decide that splaying out like a starfish on your towel is fine for an hour, but not for a full day. Lightweight and pink—ahem, we said pink!—the HÅMÖ Beach Chair from Ikea isn’t exactly an investment piece, so go ahead and pick up a few. They’re portable and foldable, just like a good beach chair ought to be, and did we mention that they’re pink already? If you’d like more options—a flat lay-down lounger and a chair in one—the Sunnylife Folding Seat is the way to go. It’s so smart to hide the frame inside, because then there is no exposed metal to heat up like a turbo-charged curling iron. Please don’t tell us we’re the only ones who got burned by a blazing hot beach chair. The sizzle is REAL.

Can Sleeves

Technically they are not Koozies®, since that’s a trademarked term, but a can-gripping neoprene sleeve by any other name is still just as saaa-weeeeet! These coldie-holdies add another layer between your chilled can and the warm sand (or brick-oven-like pool deck), and more insulation means less hot hard seltzer. Are they a necessity? Does it even matter when they look like the Embroidered Can Cooler from Etsy shop Bird & Pear? Applying the lavish, colorful embroidery of a huipil (which is the name for the traditional blouses and dresses you’ve definitely seen in Mexico) to a can sleeve is an inspired idea. For something less elaborate but still fancier than the free promotional can cozy you’ve been hanging on to since middle school, the affordable Together Can Cooler Set from Celebrate Summer makes a cheery choice. These two can sleeves are cute and not too crazy, so you can match them back to your Cupshe bathing suit easily.

Can Coolers

Perhaps you’re all out of space (we all have at least eight mismatched neoprene can sleeves from different bachelorette weekend goodie bags) or you just need something a little more efficient when it comes to packing for the beach. The YETI Rambler 12 Oz Colster Can Insulator keeps your drinks cooler-level cold for longer and cleans up easily in the dishwasher, so sand stays at the beach and not in your cabinets. The YETI one comes in tall boy and slim sizes, too, so your rather elegant aluminum can of sparkling yerba maté tea doesn’t have to suffer, either. Also worth loving: the HydroFlask 12 oz Cooler Cup, both for its chillability (yes, we made up a new word) and the decoration we get to apply to it—hello, sticker time. This little guy works as both an individual cooler for your beverage of choice and as a cup on the fly.

Beach Towels

You know when you’re feeling hot and sticky...and toting seemingly everything you own to the beach? Yeah, well, the last thing you need at that moment is a bulky, blah beach towel. Lighten up your beach bag (or pool kit) with the Slowtide Neo Beach Towel. We’re so here for Slowtide, a company that showcases cool art and design in towel form. No, seriously—the company approaches towels like a painter sidles up to a canvas—plus their towels are legit light and fast-drying. Be aware that the new designs often sell out fast, so catch ‘em while you can. Alternatively, minimalists will cotton to the Sunny Stripe Beach Towel from Snowe. These French-inspired, Breton-striped beach towels are invitingly plush but also light for their size...which is larger than the average twin bed! Honorable mention in this category goes to Weezie’s Beach Towel, patterned with wide awning stripes and bordered with contrast piping. These oversized beauties offer a very contemporary take on classic country club style, but they aren’t available until August 2020. *Sighs*


Portable Tunes

Music is crucial to setting the mood, but do you really want to take the chance that your new, gazillion-dollar cell phone slips into a sand dune or plops into the pool? We thought not. Bring along a Bluetooth®-enabled device and you’re all set to jam (and to sidestep any smartphone snafus). One like the Lexon Tykho 3 feels very chic for a portable music solution. The splash-proof silicone body is design-y enough to look at home on a pool deck in a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster. Taking a more vintage-y approach, the Sunnylife Beach Sounds radio-speaker resists both sand and water, and that little handle on top allows you to carry it to your cabana or umbrella with ease. Fans of retro-inspired glamour will gravitate to the cherry print, while 90s babies will want to bring along the seafoam and pink iteration.

Things We Just Realized We Needed

The inventions these days! For every Google Glass (remember “glassholes,” guys?), there’s some new gadget that explodes our minds and makes us wonder how we ever lived without it. Case in point: the Java Sok. This reusable iced coffee sleeve clearly wins out over a sad, wet, dubiously recyclable cardboard rings. It absorbs moisture and prevents the ice from watering down your joe too quickly, saving flavor and saving your beach chair/pool float cup holder from drowning in dreaded iced coffee sweat at the same time. Genius! Another must-bring for the seashore, the Wildhorn Sand Escape Beach Blanket is patented—literally—to keep sand off your seating area, plus it rolls up into a wee little carrying pouch when you’re ready to leave (aka: never). Put your towel on top of it and you’ll wonder why it took the world so long to make this beach hack happen. We’re not exactly sure if it’s an invention per se, but the Geometric Print Drawstring Backpack from Funboy clearly scored big with the pool-float-buying public, since t’s sold out and unavailable for the rest of the year. This 10-foot-long, 8-foot-wide miniature “club on water” features a removable sunshade top, a center cooler galley for ice and drinks, and dual-sided entry pads—if you’re on the list, that is. Leave your email for restock notifications and maybe you’ll be granted entry in 2021.

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