Swimsuits by Favorite Holiday Activity

Swimsuits by Favorite Holiday Activity

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! That means activities galore––yes, even during this, the most bizarre of times. Think tree-trimming, latke-flipping, or a good old-fashioned quote-along of A Christmas Story. (Don’t try to deny that you know every word of it. “You’ll shoot your eye out” will echo in your brain from now until January!)

Do any of these traditions serve a greater purpose beyond merrymaking? Quite possibly. But for now, let’s focus on how favorite holiday happenings can help you find the right beach look. If you can choose a swimsuit based on your zodiac sign, why not select swimwear based on your favorite festive pursuit? We think it’s just as good as any other way! Read on to see if you agree with our holly jolly conclusions.

If You Love Opening An Advent Calendar: Teal One-Shoulder Cut Out One-Piece Swimsuit

Surprise presents can go both ways. Perhaps you didn’t expect to end up with a pair of men’s tube socks during your family’s White Elephant gift exchange last year, but you probably weren’t expecting that adorable potted mini cactus from your neighbor, either. That said, you’re all but assured of a positive surprise when you find what’s hidden behind the little doors of an advent calendar; this goes double if you bought it for yourself and it happens to be concealing chocolates. It’s one of the simple joys of Christmas.

That convinces us that surprise-lovers like you will find plenty of delightfully unexpected details to heart about the Teal One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit. It maintains the overall appearance of a one-piece swimsuit while its cutouts show off enough skin to match its bikini brethren. Like the trinkets of an advent calendar can raise your level of yuletide cheer, so can a peek-a-boo one-piece elevate your beach look.

If You Love Mulling Cider (or Wine): Orange Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit

We’ll take a hard pass on the eggnog, but this special season can’t officially kick off without a cozy cup full of mulled cider or wine in hand. Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger...we know you’re as jazzed up as we are about those classic Christmas-y flavors that bestow the warm fuzzies at first sip. Is it even the holidays if you can’t throw some cloves in your beverage? You (and we) think not.

For another way to bring the heat and spice, take a look at the Orange Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit. The deeply saturated orange color brings the same mood-boosting warmth to swimwear as it does to your thermos. The crochet details in back put a unique spin on the classic cross-back maillot silhouette, making this one-piece suit as pleasing to the eye as a steaming mug of mulled yumminess is to your soul––no cloves required.

If You Love Ogling The Holiday Lights: Leopard And Neon Reversible One-Piece Swimsuit

Checking out Christmas displays downtown or around your hometown is a pastime that’s surprisingly well-suited to these socially distanced times. However, you’d be cruising around to peep mini-bulbs and blow-up snowmen regardless of the circumstances. Alas, dainty displays featuring tasteful fairy lights feel slightly snooze-worthy in your opinion. You’re all about going big, like The Great Christmas Light Fight-level big. Who needs subtlety when you can feast your eyes on a full-scale North Pole recreation?

If you won’t be fulfilled until you spy excess twinkling, blinking, full-scale reindeer, and Santa’s extended family on a lawn that’s lit to daylight-bright luminescence, you’re gonna want a similarly showy choice when it comes to your swimsuit. A Leopard And Neon Trimmed Reversible One-Piece Swimsuit fits the bill. Wear it with the animal-printed side out when you’re feeling shy, then flip it to the neon green side when you want to illuminate the beach like a bazillion watts’ worth of string lights.

If You Love Candy Cane Everything: Red And White One Shoulder Striped U-Ring Bikini

Tradition dictates that candy canes must be placed everywhere, from the glass candy bowl in grandma’s living room to the oversized, non-edible approximations lining the entryway to the shopping center’s parking lot. That’s all dandy for you, because there’s something about the clean graphic look of red and white stripes plus the taste of cool peppermint that makes you crave this treat all year long.

Like a candy cane, the Red And White One Shoulder Striped U-Ring Bikini is a mix of contrasting elements that pack some serious punch. The bandeau top, detailed with a single asymmetrical strap and U-ring in the center, complements the cheeky cut of the bottom. There might not be much fabric, but what’s in view contains major bite for such an itsy-bitsy package, just as a candy cane’s small stature belies its bracing flavor. We think this two-piece swimsuit is perfect for you, since it illustrates how a classic holiday combo can look stylish at the beach, far beyond the confines of this merry month.

If You Love Hallmark Christmas Movies: Dusty Pink Ruffled Shoulder Bikini

It really can’t be categorized as a guilty pleasure if everyone feels the same way about it. Hallmark Christmas movies equal pure holiday happiness, courtesy of an entirely predictable story line and jaunty scarves galore. Let’s drop the fringed plaid charade, ok? Most of us have succumbed to the saccharine siren song of a made-for-TV Christmas movie involving the words “Royal” or “Crown” in the title. In fact, we’ll be the first to admit that there’s nothing wrong with a little fast-foodish fantasy-viewing escapism, especially during the shortest days of the year.

When it’s time to pick your swimsuit, go all-in and submit to the romance like a Christmas movie heroine. (spoiler alert: she will end up marrying her true love even though he’s a prince! And she’s only a commoner!) Our suggestion: the Dusty Pink Ruffled Shoulder Bikini. The dusky mauve tone suits a wide range of skin tones, while the ruffles and string ties add a flirty vibe to the mix. Unlike the movies, this bikini offers some spice to temper all that sweetness. Check out the cheeky Brazilian cut bottoms––you won’t find that on a family-friendly channel!

If You Love A Savage Game of Dreidel: Silvery Gray Velvet Bikini

You’re not usually the betting type. Until it comes time to light the Hanukkah menorah, that is. Those eight crazy nights get you hyped to spin the dreidel and wipe the floor with your competition, even when the competition is actually just your little cousins. No matter! Show no mercy! A DJ spinning the finest vintage vinyl has nothing on your dreidel technique, so you’ll be the one laughing at the end of the festivities with a sweet (literally) haul of chocolate coins.

Besides your burning desire to win, you also clearly have a penchant for that delectable Hanukkah gelt, amongst other lush little indulgences. A luxe Silvery Gray Velvet Bikini will be your bathing suit of choice. The rich look of a velvet swimsuit belies its function and its durability. With its classic design, this two-piece swimsuit can hit the ocean and the washing machine head-on thanks to its special water-friendly velvet fabric. It’s as thrilling as a come-from-behind dreidel victory and as decadent as a heap of chocolate coins.

If You Love a White Christmas: White Strapless High Cut Cutout Bikini

The only thing you want for Christmas is a dusting of snow. Okay, maybe not the only thing, but it’s always a much wished-for present from Santa (and Mother Nature). Even if it melts shortly afterwards, the idea of waking up on Christmas morning to a frosty winter wonderland worthy of a collectible snow globe is the quintessential holiday dream. While no amount of hoping can make a tropical locale into a winter wonderland, you can take matters into your own hands with the White Strapless High Cut Cutout Bikini and create your own type of flurry.

The bright white color and alluring cutouts of this bandeau-style two-piece swimsuit reveal the exact location where minimalism meets high fashion (clearly, it’s not the North Pole). So maybe a white Christmas this year means a blanketing of sugar-fine sand rather than powdery snow–– that’s more than ok by us, and probably you, too!

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