Summer Packing List Ideas, Part 1

Raise your hand if you’re ready to go on vacation! We know everyone’s jonesing for a break and that plans are likely already in place when it comes to the Who, How, and Where of your trip. Now, it’s come time for the What. As in, “what in the world should I pack?” We’ve broken it down for you with different scenarios including a family vacation with kids and a girlfriends-only getaway (with more plans to come in Part 2 of this post), so there’s no need to wonder what to put in your travel bag. You can focus on unwinding––we’ve got a good handle on this suitcase situation.

Family Vacation With Children In Tow:

So, you’ve decided to take the kids (and yourself) away for some much-needed R&R. Awesome! It’s already been decided who’ll look after the pets and who will water the plants. You’ve managed to secure a place that meets everyone’s needs, whether it involves on-site cribs or separate rooms for fussy pre-teens. Bravo! But you’re not home-free yet. Besides the inevitable mountain of snacks and toys, there’s a lot of things you’ll need to pack.

Here’s the plan of attack: just as the airline will inform you that you should place a drop-down mask over your own nose and mouth before helping others in case of emergency, so too is it better to get your own travel bag sorted out before you start dealing with the kids’ stuff. With that in mind, bring along a frock that does double-time as a cover-up for the beach or at the pool. We’re wild about the Fallon Leopard V-Neck Sleeveless Dress, partly because it isn’t a regular mom dress––it’s a cool mom dress. Okay, fine, it’s actually just a cool dress, even if you’re not a mom. To make the safari theme complete, pair it with the Wild Side Leopard Flip Flops for daytime. You can treat these flops tough––whatever is on them will wash off without issue. To upgrade the look from cover-up to night-out dress, we’d recommend simple slide sandals detailed with laser cut patterns like the Tempe Hollow Out Slide Sandals. Throw on some bangles or a lariat necklace and you’re good to go.

Are you the type of person who likes to take photos for the family’s holiday card while you’re away together? If so, matching swimsuits with your mini-me always makes ‘em say “awwwww.” For you, the Teal Plunging Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit will do the trick; it’s sophisticated, feminine, and flattering without revealing too much (just saying––you don’t want family friends to blush when they see your image on a Christmas card, after all). Your little gal can make like her mom in the wee Tiana Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit For Toddlers And Girls. It’s got a vivid hue that’s close to your swimsuit’s, and it features fluttering ruffles just like yours does, too.

Perhaps you’re less into full-on matchy-matchy effects. Fair enough. You can still convey a mommy-and-me moment at the shore by wearing the Gwen Tropical Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit while she sports the Emilee Leafy Ruffle Bandeau Bikini For Toddler Girls And Girls. The leafy patterns create a motif that ties these swimsuits together without going the exact-copy-but-sized-down route. Plus, she’ll look adorable in her tiny green and white two-piece; she gets it from her mama, after all!

Beyond the basics like swimwear, shoes, and clothes, you might want to pack some fun extras that’ll occupy the kids. A winning float is your first line of defense against the refrain of “I’m bored” whining when you’re heading to a vacation rental with a pool. We’re all for the Adventure Cartoon Turtle Water Pat Kids Pool Float Swimming Ring. Keep those parental eyes in the back of your head peeled for inter-sibling fighting––everyone will want to be the first to play with it. Luckily, it comes with a patch in case it’s punctured by overly zealous little tykes.

After the children take their obligatory bellyflops into the surf, it’s a good idea to have a beach blanket waiting for them on dry land as they emerge. We bet your little girl flatly refuses anything that isn’t pink or purple. No worries, Supermom! You’ve used your considerable powers of foresight to pack the Lilac Dreams Ocean Prints Beach Blanket. The shell and coral reef patterns form a pretty under-the-sea backdrop when she wants to play pretend as a mermaid, too.

Your little fella, on the other hand, has no intention of drying off with anything in that color scheme. Let him dig his toes in sand from the edges of the blue and green Lagoon Striped Beach Blanket instead. Put a sand shovel and a bucket nearby and you won’t hear any complaints. Pro tip: throw some frozen grapes in the cooler for a healthy, chilly beach snack when the sun is at its height.

Girlfriend Getaway:

It’s been a minute since you’ve been out of town with your favorite females, so you’re more than in the mood for food, drinks, good company, and even better gossip. The best part about friend trips (besides everything) is that you’ll be rewarded for dressing like your best self. Your ladies will encourage you to interpret vacation attire creatively, and they’ll likely appreciate whatever fashion risks you plan to take. So why not go for it? Treat yourself to some new stuff to strut around in. The G.F.s will definitely get what you’re going for with that look.

When you’re contemplating what to pack for an upcoming vacation, the first item to put in the suitcase should be a swimsuit. A tie-dyed two-piece like the Flora Tie Dye Bikini will always be a winner, with its cheery color scheme and adjustable drawstring details. Impressively on-trend cutout maillots like the Halter Lace Up O-Ring One Piece Swimsuit also make the cut; true maximalists will lose it for the combo of cutouts, floral print, bright color, and strappy elements. Towel off in style with the Keepsake Paisley Beach Blanket as the pièce de résistance. It’s lightweight and quick-drying, two things that are crucial for any beach, lakefront, or pool packing list.

If there will be some intensive lounging action by the cabana, bring along the Rosalee Colorblock Crochet Trim Kimono, too. We’d recommend styling it with mirrored aviator shades or round-shaped sunglasses to enhance the glam 1970’s effect you’re serving. Since there’s already a “Me Decade” vibe happening with the packing plan for this trip, you might as well seal the deal with the Aaliyah Halter Jumpsuit. It makes a breezy alternative to a dress, complete with wide legs and a halter neckline that you can adjust for the perfect fit.

You’ll need something to keep your tootsies off a sunbaked poolside patio or a burning-hot boardwalk, too. We like the Runyon Wide Straps Sandals, since they lend any frame a bit of height via the platform soles. Plus, there’s that added touch of shine thanks to those rhinestone-bedecked thong straps. Because they’re still essentially flip flops, you can get them wet and/or sandy without worry.

If you’ve gone all-in on the vacation rental and thrown down for a pad with a pool, you might as well bring along a couple of sparkly water accessories like the Rainbow Sherbet Inflatable Swimming Ring. At the very least, it’ll brighten up the pics for everyone’s social media feeds that are sure to happen. Besides, cute pool accessories manage to put a smile on everyone’s face even when you’re not posing.

Maybe you and your ladies would rather drift along atop of your very own personal slice of fruit. Who could blame you? Neither the Inflatable Half Watermelon Float nor the Fineapple Pineapple Large Swimming Pool Float will take up too much space in a travel bag (you can blow it up and deflate it once you’re on-site). Another bonus: they work as conversation pieces when the girl talk slows down...even though everyone knows that girl talk never slows down.

If your crew is down to float on inflatable fruits, go ahead and make it “a thing.” Complete your pool set with O.T.T. (but somehow necessary?) Fruity Inflatable Drink Holder Cup Floaties. Your ladies and your margs will be glad you brought along matching innertubes built for drinks.

Watch this space for Part 2 in the series: we’ll be widening the focus to include other types of summer trips and more new, packable options from Cupshe!

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