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We recently had the pleasure of chatting with celebrity stylist Ashley Fultz of The Style Editrix about what makes a great swimsuit, tips for styling your beach outfits and her favorite places to travel tips.


Tell us a little about you and The Style Editrix. How did you get into styling?
I am celebrating the sixth anniversary of my fashion and lifestyle blog TheStyleEditrix.com this month. I cover fashion, beauty, travel, home décor and mom life though the blog, social media and my Youtube channel. Before that, I was the Fashion & Lifestyle Producer for E! News for years and always wanted to be on camera. When I left six years ago I started my blog to basically start an online fashion editor resume and I started pitching myself as a Style Expert to be on camera for TV shows. I currently do a lot of segments as a Style Expert on KTLA, Access Live, Extra TV and E! News.

That's amazing! We’d love to hear your expert advice on swimsuit styling. What are your top tips for beach / poolside style?
Living in SoCal I am very familiar with styling a swimsuit since I am in one so much throughout the year and love going to the beach! Whether you like rocking a one-piece or two pieces, I love pairing a suit with printed wide leg pants on the bottom and throwing a jean jacket over top of the swimsuit that you are wearing as a top. I also love doing this with denim shorts or throwing on a cute summer dress as a cover up. Especially when you are traveling you want looks you can easily wear from day to night and you can do that with those outfit combos. I have also seen a lot of people styling a solid white black one piece as a bodysuit and pairing it with a cute maxi or mini skirt.

What do you typically look for in a swimsuit?
I had a baby three years ago and since then I have been all about the high-waisted bikini bottoms and one piece suits. While I am back to my pre-baby weight, my body has changed and now I have stretch marks on my stomach and I feel more comfortable when they are covered up. I feel like shopping for suits is really hard though and I have to say I love Cupshe because they get it so right! I look for suits that, especially one pieces, that are chic and don't feel like something a “mom” would wear, but also aren't cut too low in the front or too high in the back – after all I need to be “kid-friendly” lol. I also love stripes, fun prints and suits that are cut high on the leg because I think it’s more flattering and makes your legs look longer, and who doesn’t want that!

At Cupshe, we're all about travel, discovering new places and making memories. What’s your favorite place to travel to and why?
Traveling makes my heart happy, especially traveling throughout Europe. My husband and I have made it a point to travel abroad almost every year we have been together and we have been able to experience so many different countries, cultures and people. From France, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam and more, we love it all! We just went to Croatia this summer and it was amazing. The people were so friendly, the food was amazing and the water and islands were untouched and stunning. We island hopped for a few days over there and I highly recommend it if you haven’t gone yet!

What tips do you have for anyone trying to break into the industry?
If you have interest in fashion, writing and photography you can literally start a blog today! A lot of people asked me how I started and honestly I bought a domaine name, a website template and just started posting photos and blog posts I wanted to write about. There is a ton of work involved, but anyone can do it! My advice since the industry is so saturated now is to really find your voice and a make sure you are doing a service to people – meaning make sure it’s something that people need help with. It’s like inventing a new product – if it already exists there is not a need for a new one, but if it does something different, there is always room for something new and better!

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