Our Favorite Things About February

While February is the shortest month of the year, it also happens to be packed with as much good stuff as one of the heart-shaped candy samplers you see everywhere around this time. That’s not to say we don’t understand it if you need a little help focusing on the positive things about this under-loved month. So, without further ado, we’re presenting our very own February favorite things in three, two, one…let’s go!

Black History Month

The culture, contributions, and struggles of African Americans take the spotlight during Black History Month. Honoring and understanding more about the Black experience shouldn’t be limited to just one month, though. Use February as a starting point, letting it inspire you to donate money to (and/or your time by volunteering with) nonprofit groups such as Black Girls Code, The National Civil Rights Museum, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, or any of the many organizations that promote racial justice at the national and local levels.

Other ways to be involved include supporting Black-owned businesses via shopping and dining in your area. Join a Black History Month event, either virtually or outdoors (if that’s a possibility in your hometown). Read books by Black authors. Stream movies directed by Black directors. Engage with visual art, dance, music, and poetry by Black creators. Black History Month is the spark to ignite further learning, listening, and participation.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, sometimes called Chinese New Year, is celebrated in many East Asian countries as well as throughout the diaspora. There’s so much to love about these culture-rich festivities: the captivating lion and dragon dances that parade down the street, the dazzling displays of fireworks, the fabulous feasts featuring dumplings, whole fish, and ultra-long noodles...we could go on and on.

Though some of the larger, best-known public celebrations for Lunar New Year in the U.S. (like ones in San Francisco and New York City) have been postponed until 2022, we would make the case for celebrating the Year of the Ox with a small crew anyway. Make it personal by learning more about your zodiac animal over citrus cocktails, or by hosting an intimate dinner followed with confetti crackers for a jubilant finishing touch. We advise getting glammed up for the occasion in the Rose Red Ruffled Long Sleeve Dress, since red is a considered a lucky color for this holiday in particular.

Presidents’ Day Weekend

Usually wintertime’s premier travel dates, Presidents’ Day weekend vacations this year are kind of complicated––though not altogether impossible. If you feel comfortable enough to jaunt off, try soaking up the sun in Puerto Rico or Hawaii (preferably while wearing a cheery swimsuit like our Yellow Sporty Bikini). Both of these tropical locales are allowing visitors from the U.S. mainland again, but you’ll need to take appropriate precautions, check your local travel restrictions, and get tested before you go.

For those among us who plan to stay at home, remember that an extra day off of work is still a chance to do something just for you. Consider doing a spa day with at-home body scrub or hair mask, re-watching a favorite movie (you know, the one that no one else in your quar-pod “gets”), or simply sleep in ultra-late, just because you can.

If you’re feeling motivated, you could meet up at an outdoor hangout with friends. But if you don't feel like dragging yourself outside to face the cold weather, you already have a built-in excuse to skip whatever it is you’re not into. Presidents’ Day weekend FOMO? We don’t know her.

Valentine’s Day

Ok, hear us out. Yeah, we know that V-day can be kind of corny and remembering last year’s plans (notably overpriced and under-fun) makes us shudder a bit. However, a holiday that celebrates love can’t be a bad thing––who doesn’t love love?––and it’s also a perfect excuse to buy a cute new frock like the Red Off The Shoulder Plus Size Dress. This ruffle-bedecked style would bring out the romantic side of anyone wearing it, whether they’re wearing it for Valentine’s Day or not.

If you’ve spent every day since March with your significant other, it might seem challenging to make this year’s edition of Valentine’s Day feel special. We have an idea, though. If you have access to a hot tub, grab some champagne (or sparkling apple juice if you’re not imbibing) and slip into an on-theme swimsuit like the Red Deep V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit, one of our best-selling styles, to get that old magic back again!

If you’re unattached, consider celebrating Singles Appreciation Day (sometimes called Singles Awareness Day) on the 15th of February instead. Wondering how to do that? Send any single pals––or yourself––a lovely bouquet of flowers, and don’t forget to wear something green (which is the opposite of red on the color wheel), like our Green Asymmetrical Velvet Dress or ultra-bare Green String Bikini, either.

Mardi Gras

While New Orleans and its beloved krewes won’t be celebrating Mardi Gras by throwing beads galore out of decorated floats in 2021, small gatherings (as of right now) are permitted and Bourbon street is indeed open for business...and most likely some low-key boozing, too. If you shouldn’t, wouldn’t, or couldn’t travel for a visit, keep in mind that the Big Easy is not the only place you’ll find this famous pre-Lent party. Locales like Mobile, AL, Galveston, TX, St. Louis, MO, plus a number of other U.S. cities host Mardi Gras celebrations, so there’s a chance that you can enjoy the festivities on a more intimate scale if you live nearby.

If you want to enjoy Fat Tuesday from home, make (or buy) masks and bake (or buy) a king cake for your bubble krewe. If you live somewhere warm enough to celebrate in a swimsuit, we recommend packing the Dark Purple And Floral O-Ring Strappy Bikini, since it incorporates two of the three Mardi Gras colors: purple and green. You can always incorporate the third color, gold, with accessories like jewelry to complete the look.


The world-renowned parades of Carnival (which is the internationally celebrated iteration of the Mardi Gras we know and love), like those in Rio de Janeiro and Trinidad & Tobago, have been called off this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, but the spirit of these festivals can never be canceled. There will almost certainly be lower-key festivities everywhere Carnival is celebrated.

As such, Brazil and some countries in the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba, and Curaçao among them, are allowing American visitors to enter with proof of a negative COVID test, of course. Be sure to check the most up-to-date travel guidelines for your preferred location before making plans, though. If it’s a go, pack your suitcase with beach-ready outfits and plenty of swimwear. We’d bring along a sexy little two-piece swimsuit like the Blue And Floral Strappy Mid Rise Bikini. With its mix-and-match styling and bright colors, it projects a flirty tropical vibe.

National Drink Wine Day

While we could make the case for, ahem...celebrating...Drink Wine Day nearly every day, it’s nice that someone finally made it official. Even if no one knows who that sainted soul was. Like other questionably real “holidays” that drift into our sphere of attention, it is yet undetermined when National Drink Wine Day was first uncorked for public consumption. Maybe that’s beside the point, though? We’ll doubtlessly see a flurry of National Drink Wine Day-related hashtags making the rounds on social media this February 18th like we do every year. And wine sales actually do go up during this faux-but-fabulous holiday!

Take it easy and play along by sipping some oaky chardonnay or a glass of earthy pinot noir in the Wine V-Neck Shirred Dress. This dress makes an easy pairing with everything from an oversized cardigan (thrown on top) to a sheer bodysuit (worn underneath). We also happen to think it looks great on ladies of all vintages, er…ages, too!

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