New Year's Resolution Inspiration


After the hubbub of New Year’s Eve--the champagne bottles have been emptied and recycled, the confetti has been swept up--come the realities of a whole new year. This year, we’re challenging you (and ourselves) to make resolutions that you’ll want to keep for more than the inevitable few weeks in January. How to get started on this epic task, you ask? This year, let your New Year’s resolutions be inspired by everyone’s favorite place: the beach, of course! So read on and get ready for a bangin’ 2020...



Resolution: De-Stress On The Regular

Like a barnacle on an old wooden pier, you gotta to cling to this resolution for dear life. Yes, it’s true that “de-stressing” is hard to define, since stressors are different for each of us and one person’s relaxation is another person’s nuisance. But there’s one thing we can almost all agree on: a beach is a great place for unwinding. Whether it’s taking a stroll in the sand in your cute new cover up, jumping over waves in your favorite bikini, or lying idly in the shade of a parasol, the sound of the surf and the feel of the sun on your skin puts nearly everyone all in a better frame of mind. And lest you think this resolution requires a big bank account, remember that relaxation doesn’t need to mean an all-inclusive resort in Bora Bora (though it probably doesn’t hurt, either). Adhere to this resolution by making it simple. Head to a local stretch of sand-- whether it’s by an ocean, gulf, bay, lakefront or river bank--and partake in the simple “whoo-saaahhh”-inducing feeling of being surrounded by nature at its best.



Resolution: Travel More Often

New year, new yacht. Kidding...but we wish! So you’ve never set foot near a luxury ocean liner. No biggie. You can still bump up the frequency of your travel and make plans to see more of the world without spending all the bucks. Getting out of town has never been easier thanks to travel promotions, airline deals, and a mix of lodging options for every budget (we’re looking at you hostels and AirBnB). Clearly, we’re partial to beach vacations, but if you resolve to travel more, don’t think that it needs to entail going someplace on the other side of the globe. If you reframe your concept of what “travel” means, you’ll find it easier to keep this resolution all year. There’s plenty to explore in every state. Yes, including your own. And guess what? Neighboring cities can be fun day-long or overnight excursions, too. Seeking out culture, history, art, food, and outdoor activities anywhere you go means that every location can be an exciting departure from your normal routine, even if it’s the next town over. Now hop into that ___________ (car, bike, plane, sailboat) and get going!



Resolution: Be More Adventurous

You know that saying, “do one thing every day that scares you,” right? Well, perhaps that’s going to extremes (no one’s going to question your decision to nix B.A.S.E. jumping), but it’s probably worthwhile to incorporate a little more adventure into life on the reg. So keep your commitment to this resolution with simple upgrades, which are especially easy to do at the beach. Instead of laying on a daybed in the sand, why not go for a snorkel a little further out in the water? Or better yet, learn to scuba dive and get PADI-certified. Being underwater is one of the best adventures around and opens up a whole new part of the world to explore. If all of that still seems too anxiety-producing, dial up the adventure by sampling new cuisines, making new friends, or trying new clothes that take you out of your comfort zone (and...ahem...CUPSHE has plenty of cute swimsuits, dresses, and other looks to help you out on that front). Being more adventurous is really about pushing your own boundaries, so it’s ok to do it slowly and build up more confidence as you go.



Resolution: Eat & Drink Healthier

This resolution is a no-brainer to make, but harder to implement. No fear, though. Simply let the beach be your inspiration to consume things that are better for you! For one thing, all “land mermaids” out here probably need to increase their daily intake of water. Not only does your body crave it, but it also functions better with proper hydration. Water is also essential when you’re unwell or overheated. Hello, there’s a reason why no one calls out “get her a glass of soda!” when someone’s feeling faint. Unfortunately there are certain things dehydrate us too, specifically liquids with alcohol or caffeine. That doesn’t mean cutting them out altogether, but rebalancing yourself with plenty of H2O is crucial, and even more so if you’re out all day in the sun at the beach. When it comes to eating healthier, water is the key here too. Veggies and fruits have a high water content along with their essential vitamins and minerals. And just think of all the good stuff that comes to us straight from the deep: fresh fish, crustaceans, sea vegetables (ok, fine, call it seaweed if you absolutely must) all sounds pretty yummy, not to mention healthy!



Resolution: Read More Books

It’s so easy to get distracted by errands or housework, and then fall into bed without cracking open the spine of the book that’s been laying by the bed for ages. This year, follow through on your resolution to blast through your book list by catching up on reading while you’re at the beach. All that uninterrupted time on the sand is good for relaxing, sure, but sometimes it’s nice to engage your brain, even if it’s just leafing through a trashy romance novel. But that doesn’t imply that the beach is only appropriate for junky reading and supermarket-checkout-line mags! Use your beach day to finally check out that book that all the smarties in the office have been name-checking, or the novel that our friends raved about. And while it’s always a pleasure to hold an actual physical tome in your hands, sometimes it’s easier to go the audiobook route when there will be surfside reading involved. There’s no arm strain (save up that energy for a hardcore game of beach volleyball or Pro Kadima later, ya know?) and there’s no chance of tracking sand onto the couch later. So go ahead and download to your heart’s content, then listen while your eyes rest on the breaking waves--how heavenly.



Resolution: Be More Environmentally Conscious

Finally, there’s one more seriously important resolution that we should all adopt. The beach gives so much to us (including the ability to make good on all of the resolutions mentioned above). So let’s resolve to give something back in 2020. Being eco-minded at the beach benefits everyone, so make that tiny bit of extra effort to bring reusable containers and skip the single-use plastics. Another thing to be more vigilant about: leaving no trace--besides footprints in the sand, that is--when you leave your happy place, aka: the beach. Keep in mind that this extends to sunscreen, some types of which come off in the water and remain there, harming life undersea. Instead of this non-ideal situation, look for specifically labeled reef-safe SPF that won’t disrupt the ecosystem. Another great add-on to this resolution: volunteering for beach clean-up days with local groups. Why? Because all of us want to be able to relax, read, spend quality time, be adventurous, and make resolutions about the beach 50 years from now, too!


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