New Year's Eve Outfit Guide


Can you believe that we’re about to enter a whole new decade? Nope, we can’t either. But before we say hello to everything that 2020 will bring us, we have some unfinished (but fun) business to deal with: New Year’s Eve parties! The resolutions, inevitable holiday returns, and leftover fruitcake can wait, because right now it’s all about figuring out the perfect way to ring in the new year. Whether that means prepping for the glitziest, most over-the-top celebration you’ll attend all year or deciding to keep it decidedly low-key with an intimate get-together, you’ll need your outfit game strong. This is the night that completes the year and sets the tone for the new one, after all. Lucky for you, Cupshe’s got options for all types of New Year’s Eve festivities, no matter what sort of fête you’ll be attending. Read on to find out our real-time recommendations for the best looks to wear while closing the door on 2019.



New Year’s Eve Plan: Fine Dining

Maybe it’s a hotspot you’ve wanted to try forever. Or perhaps it’s a favorite standby that’s your go-to place for all your big occasions. Either way, making a restaurant reservation into the main course (yes, we had to pull out that pun) for your New Year’s Eve revelry is an exciting—and delectable—way to celebrate. If you’re planning on doing a later seating and staying until after midnight, you’ll probably end up on your feet or even start dancing at some point, but keep in mind that you’ll be sitting down for a good portion of the night. A sophisticated option like a velvet midi dress is totally clutch here: it conveys the high spirits of the moment without riding up awkwardly or binding you (thanks, spandex!) while you’re enjoying a lavish NYE feast. This means you’ll breathe easier and sit comfortably for an extended period of time…and even be able to enjoy that decadent dessert or second glass of champagne while your dress looks fabulous throughout. Starting a fresh year this way is a win-win in our book.



New Year’s Eve Plan: Night On The Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm and by the water, or you’re simply vacationing somewhere tropical over the holidays, just know this: we’re totally jealous. Whether you’re going to enjoy New Year’s Eve with a roaring bonfire on the beach or by watching fireworks from the shoreline, anytime there’s sand and surf involved, you can bet your bikini that we’ll want to be there. (And don’t even get us started on the joys a New Year’s Day spent soaking up the sun on a bed of powdery sand!) Our outfit advice? Opt for a coordinated but not overly matchy-matchy combination of a bikini and cover up in cool crochet fabrics. A cheeky knit bikini ticks all the boxes: it’s alluring, beachy, and special. Since you’ll want to show off all the texture of the swimsuit, choose a cover up that allows plenty of it to peek through. A see-through crochet tunic in a light color feels festive, particularly when you take into account all the fringed tassels. Better yet, you can wear it again the next day once the sun comes up. If your preferred beach gets chilly after the sun goes down, try layering on an off-the-shoulder sweater either on top of your bikini or instead of it, i.e.: paired with cutoffs or jeans. This whole look feels sexy and effortless, which is just the way it ought to be when you’re spending NYE at the beach.



New Year’s Eve Plan: House Party

Ah yes, the house party. A good mix of people and the comforts of home combined—what could be better? Parties at home are the most fun because they offer a little something for everyone. Prefer quiet convos to whooping it up? Find a private corner with a cozy armchair. Love entertaining the crowd with stories? Hold court in the kitchen. Want to geek out and edit the playlist? You can do that, too (probably…but check with your host first, since no one needs to start off 2020 by fighting over Spotify). Getting ready for this type of NYE invite is always slightly more complicated than others. Wear a serious Dress-with-a-capital-D and it might skew as too formal. Sport a pair of jeans and your outfit doesn’t feel unique enough for such a big night. What’s a girl to do? Enter the “statement piece” as your dressing solution. Pick one decisively trend-forward element, such as a snakeskin-print mini skirt or a backless sweater that will draw all eyes to you. Next, pair it with a simpler, more classic companion piece from your closet. This way, everything’s in balance without being overdressed-slash-fussy or so understated that your outfit runs the risk of being ignored altogether. Your one statement piece sets you up to be your most effortlessly stylish self while ringing in the new year, a plan everyone can—and should—get behind.



New Year’s Eve Plan: Date Night

Whether it’s your second date since the two of you became engaged or it’s your second date ever, there’s no reason why not to treat New Year’s Eve as a romantic two-person evening out on the town. Since this night is supposed to be extraordinary, you’ll want to take care when you’re getting ready to complete that extra step, whether it’s spritzing on a favorite fragrance or debuting a new outfit that’s designed to blow your date’s mind. Keep to the mood right with a floor-sweeping wrap dress like this one, featuring a lovely, ever-so-slightly vintage-inspired crane print. Blouson sleeves and a deep surplice neckline give it added swoon-worthy appeal, and trust us that it’ll look positively radiant by candlelight. The dramatic slit in front lets you flaunt your legs in a ladylike way without being too bare. Naturally, high heels are to be expected and maximize the impact of this stunner. But whether you choose pedicure-baring sandals, vampy platforms, or sleek closed-toe pumps is entirely your call.



New Year’s Eve Plan: Night In

Wouldn’t be caught dead waiting in the frozen tundra of Times Square waiting for a ball to drop? Same here. If you’re convinced that New Year’s Eve is for amateurs (hello, the real fun happens on any given Tuesday night), you’re not alone. Making plans to spend the evening inside with a small group of close friends and loved ones sounds like the perfect antidote, and it’s also budget-friendly to boot. However, just because you’re hanging back from the NYE party crowd doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing old sweats at the stroke of midnight. Seek out something cute but casual like a draped sweater, which is subtly sexy thanks to its deep V-neckline and perfectly comfortable for cuddling up on the couch. For another sort of fuss-free outfit, choose a pintucked tunic in a colorful plaid, an appropriate pattern for this season and time of year. If it’s cold outside, pair the tunic with leggings, booties and a fuzzy vest for a touch of texture and added warmth. It’s also subtly stylish when worn open like a long cardigan and teamed with a tank top and skinny jeans. The great indoors, indeed!



New Year’s Eve Plan: Girls’ Night

Resolutions are for January, so thank goodness it’s still December tonight, baby! Get ready for a wild ride out with your best girls. This is the night when legends are made; New Year’s Eve is for making the memories you’ll still be freaking out about in May, so plan your outfit accordingly. A major party with your fave ladies demands a bold look and something built for dancing (maybe even on tables). A black slip dress is as alluring as it gets. Satin fabric provides the shine and lace trim adds a lingerie-inspired touch. There’s so many ways to style it, too. We’re living for this look with this season’s combat boots as a 90’s throwback, but it’s pure elegance with a pair of spindly-heel strappy sandals, too. Live somewhere chilly? Layer the slip dress with a long-sleeve mesh bodysuit underneath and pair it with over-the-knee boots. This way, you’ll get a similar super-sexy vibe with more coverage, so you’re not freezing all night long. Complete the look with statement earrings like a pair of star-bedecked danglers. They’ll graze near your shoulders and swing alongside every coy hair flip of the night.

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