Neon: The Brightest Trend Of The Summer

Neon: The Brightest Trend Of The Summer

Can you guess the hottest look of the season? Here’s a hint: it takes inspiration from the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip and one of the noble gasses (stick with us here) found on the Periodic Table of Elements. That’s right, we’re talking about neon, folks. While 80’s and 90’s kids might remember this trend from their youth—along with neon-heavy classics like Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers or the scrunchie-tastic TV series Saved By The Bell—younger generations have only experienced these brightest-of-the-bright tones as a fun retro concept. Well, we’re here to let you know that neon is back and better than you remember it. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite suits to show you how to incorporate this highlighter-hued trend into your swimwear wardrobe.



So you’re not quite ready for full-out fluorescence yet, but you want to move in that general direction. We hear you! Start out by getting comfortable with saturated colors. Swimsuits in bold blue hues like the Sapphire Blue Longline Triangle Bikini are especially flattering. The refined cut totally showcases the rich sapphire color, putting it front and center. If you tend to go for lighter colors, a sunny yellow swimsuit could be just what you’re looking for: it’s even closer to neon without actually being neon. The Bright Yellow Scalloped Bikini feels flirty thanks to the little half-moon scalloped trim, while sturdy over-the-shoulder straps anchor the top and give it a sporty finishing touch. For a similar look with added texture, the Yellow Bandeau High Waisted Bikini makes a good choice. The tonal two-piece swimsuit has a clean and classic design, which makes it a perfect showcase for the subtle matelassé-like pattern. If one-color bathing suits seem overly plain for your taste, try a swimsuit that combines two bright hues together into one hot look. The yellow top and cobalt bottom on the Yellow and Blue Strappy Bikini give you the look of a mix-and-match bikini...without the guesswork on your end.



A Little Neon

After some deep thought, maybe you’re feeling ready to dip your toe into the neon trend—and we’re totally here for it! Start off on your neon journey by wearing a combination of highlighter-inspired colors with feminine floral prints to soften up the look. Options like the Floral Print Underwired High Waisted Bikini work well as a jumping-off point for the neon-shy. This two-piece swimsuit is styled with a tropical floral print bikini top that’s ideal for fuller-chested figures, complete with sturdy straps and underwire cups for comfortable bust support. The bottoms, however, provide eye-popping contrast thanks to the neon coral hue. If you’re more drawn to the 1980’s than the 1940’s, try a different take on a retro look with the Neon Palm Print Bikini. The cheeky bottom boasts a Golden Girls-worthy palm leaf print, while the neon green bralette top is peppered with peekaboo cutouts. Both of these printed bottom/solid top bikinis get the balance of neon-to-print just right, but if you’re in the mood for a one-piece that’s all good. The Neon Orange Floral Off-the-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit will make a glamorous impact at the beach or the pool. Off-the-shoulder styling lends this maillot a sophisticated feel, while a cutout underneath the bustline lends a little extra spice. Yes, the pink-and-white poppy print is quite prim and ladylike, but printed on a neon orange background it feels fresh and totally fun.



More Neon

You’ve already established your comfort level (and your base tan), so you’re ready to climb a rung or two further up the neon ladder. Get to the next level with warm neon colors like pink and orange, which cast a flattering glow on a wide variety of skin tones. When it comes to bikinis, we’re in love with pared-back neon designs, since highly detailed cuts might be a little over-the-top when combined with brighter-than-bright colors. The Neon Pink High-Waisted Bikini maximizes its unique proportions, which makes the neon hue appear all the more distinct. Wear it without the straps for a look that gives a nod to vintage 1980’s Hawaiian Tropic advertisements while still remaining firmly planted in 2020. The asymmetrical straps on top and the cheek-baring bottom of the Neon Orange Strappy Bikini make a sleek and architectural way to wear warm-toned neon to the beach, while the Neon Orange Knotted High-Waisted Bikini offers tummy coverage and an adjustable neckline for a customized fit. If you’d prefer a one-piece swimsuit, try the Neon Orange Twist Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit. This blazing neon bathing suit features cutouts, twists, and ruching, which make it much more interesting than the average maillot.



Major Neon

Not interested in half-measures, you’ve decided to double down on the neon challenge. This means going for it with no-holds-barred, “notice-me” neon green. This color is not for the timid—or for the very pale—among us. In general, dark skin tones look especially amazing in neon green and can pull off this highlighter hue with minimal effort. If you’re cool with exposing more derriere, we recommend the Neon Green And White Trim Sporty Bikini. This two-piece swimsuit seems athletic at first, with contrasting white trim and a sports bralette-inspired top. But the bottom...oh, that bottom! It’s got major booty exposure for a sexy, surprising rear view. An alternative that’s still sporty but a touch more tame, the Sporty Neon Green Knot Bikini features the same white trim atop a bold neon green swimsuit. Here though, the waist has a high rise to cover the tummy and the back is cut with substantial seat coverage. The scene-stealing detail is on the bikini’s top half: depending on how you tie the knot, you can increase the amount of skin you show off via the cutout in the center. We saved the most daring option for last: the Neon Green Stylish Cutout Bikini. High-cut on the legs and cheeky in the back, this full-on neon green bikini also reveals cleavage from multiple angles (hey there, underboob!) that ensure all eyes will be on you and you alone. This is definitive proof that neon green swimsuits are the best for extroverts!


If you’re still not convinced about the neon trend, no stress. Beach babes of all varieties will find new arrivals to suit their tastes. Cupshe stocks plenty of other colorful one-piece swimsuits and bikinis to love, too. Country-cute gingham check swimsuits? We got ‘em. Saturated jewel tones like emerald and ruby? You bet. Pretty floral prints galore and stripes of all sorts are always available. We also offer elegant white swimsuits and fashionable black swimsuits for the purists out there who don’t want to mess with a good thing. Find perfect cover ups, beach dresses and rompers for the boardwalk or the pool deck, too!

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