Cupshe's Holiday Gift Guide


It’s officially the holiday season, which means you’ll be in a blur from the moment the decorations go up until the last New Years’ resolutions are made. Don’t worry about your ever-growing gift list; hack your present-picking with Cupshe’s gift guide instead. We’ve got options to satisfy even the trickiest of giftees, so you can start putting checks next to their names and focus on enjoying the festive season instead of stressing about what to buy. Ready to get started? Perfect—let’s get gifting!



For Your Influencer Friend

She’s glued to her Instagram feed and she’ll insist that you take about 400 pictures before she finds justthe right one to post to her followers. Give in to her obsession in a positive way by gifting her a photo-friendly T-shirt dress in a bold, bright color that pops against any background, whether she’s using her amaro filter or not. She’ll go crazy with all the styling options: pair this piece with a fedora, booties, and a leather jacket it with the latest sneakers there...what more could a social media star-in-the-making ask for? (Besides more followers and “likes” that is.)



For Your Surfer Friend

Her other vehicle is a longboard and she’ll happily wake up at 6am...but only if there’s crazy waves involved. You’ll never catch her at a salon getting highlights—why would she pay for them when the sea and the sun can do the same job for free? Even though she’s partial to her favorite wetsuit, she still needs something to wear underneath it. Give her a strappy (but still substantial) bikini like this floral-and-striped number, which works perfectly with or without the neoprene covering. She can adjust the straps on top to fit her frame perfectly, which is important when she’s busy hanging ten. It doesn’t hurt when she’s just chilling on the beach, either.



For Your New-Mom Friend

She’s entered a whole new phase of her life, a major move that involves everything from potty training to finding the perfect headband that actually stays on her little one’s head. But just because she’s transitioned from party girl to mom of the year doesn’t mean she’s lost her knack for picking out dead-chic outfits. Combine her two loves -- fashion and her mini-me—with matching swimwear that they can both enjoy. Give your friend a floral-print one-piece swimsuit with flattering ruffles at the shoulders, then gift her little girl the same sweet swimsuit, only sized down for kids. They’ll love rocking their new mommy-and-me swimsuits at the beach, and you better believe there will be family photos galore! Plus, they’ll always remember your thoughtful gift when they look back at the pics.



For Your Boho Friend

When she’s not participating in a goddess ritual or a sound bath, she’s either slathering coconut oil everywhere on her body or burning incense to enhance her mental clarity. She isn’t materialistic, but that doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate a cute addition to her line up of shawls, kimonos, and Stevie Nicks-inspired accessories. Even if she usually gravitates towards earth tones, she won’t be able to resist a cool purple crochet cover up. With its regal hue and craftsy crochet trim, this relaxed layer can be worn over a swimsuit at the beach or styled as a dress with ankle booties. She can even wear it as a robe—it’s perfect for putting on post-shower when she’s off at her next spiritual retreat.



For Your Office Secret Santa

You probably spend more time with your work fam than you do with your actualfamily, so in theory, picking out a gift for your office Secret Santa should be easy. In reality, everyone seems to pick the one person they don’t know, whether it’s a new employee or someone with whom there’s very little job crossover. But don’t sweat it if you drew Lisa from accounts payable and you’ve never said more than a sentence to her in the breakroom. We promise that there’s no one who can resist a pair of statement earrings. She can rock them with everything from a solid-color turtleneck and jeans to the cocktail dress she’s planning on wearing to the company holiday party. With a Secret Santa gift this good, you might even make her into a new friend during the exchange.



For Your Homebody Friend

Truthfully, she’s been known to hibernate even in warm, sunny, beach-appropriate weather. She always knows the best shows to binge and her home is her castle, a fortress fortified with overstuffed pillows and piles of blankets. Now that it’s wintertime, you can fully support her penchant for curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and the latest Netflix release. Offer her something cozy but stylish, like a classic hoodie sweatshirt, that can be worn as loungewear or dressed up with a pair of printed leggings if she ever decides to leave the house (she won’t).



For Your Minimalist Friend

You can never find the trash can at her house because everything’s strategically placed, posed, and covered. She hasn’t been seen wearing a primary color since 3rd grade, and her taste is rigorously cool and pared-back. While her exteriors may be shined to a high gloss, she’s still as warm and kind as can be on the inside. She’ll love a relaxed-fit top with asymmetrical seams that gives off the “I work in a creative field” vibe (without the gallery-level price tag that usually accompanies pieces like this). This unusual but ultra-wearable tunic is a present that meets her exacting sense of style and meets your gifting budget as well.




For Your Christmas-Loving Friend

You basically have to beg her to put away her tree and February. She’s the first one on the group text to suggest a White Elephant gift exchange and she lives for Christmas light displays. You’ve talked about treating her to a horse-drawn carriage ride but she can’t seem to find the time—she’s so busy spreading holiday cheer that she might as well be Rudolph the Reindeer himself. Make things easy for both of you by giving her a fun hoodie that commemorates her favorite season. That way, she’ll have something special to wear at home while she’s decorating or baking Christmas cookies. She can even pair it with jeans when she’s out doing hardcore gift-hunting during one of her (in)famous holiday shopping sessions.


Looking for more giftable options? Cupshe’s got plenty of swimwear, clothing, accessories, and more that make perfect presents for everyone on your holiday checklist.

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