Gifting: One For Them, One For You

Gifting: One For Them, One For You

Picture this scenario: you’re hyper-aware that the holidays are rapidly approaching, but your shopping list has yet to be tamed. What’s more, you’re feeling a little left out of all that gift-giving and holiday delight. You deserve some joy, too, right? Well, get ready to break out the eggnog because we’ve got a solution to these problems!

Think of it as the “give one, get one” approach. Every present you purchase for someone on your list entitles you to purchase a present for yourself! We’re not saying you need to buy the condo on the waterfront or the new beamer, here. Think fanciful, fun pick-me-ups to wear during this season of festivity (and deals galore) and in the sunny, warm days to come. We’ve rounded up some spot-on suggestions for the giftees and the gifter (that’s you, obvi) to make it even easier!

For An Artsy Friend: Portable Watercolor Kit

Kudos are in order even when she’s spending her creative talents on dubious pursuits like that “still life” she’s strategically placed on her couch. You call it throw cushions and a blanket; she calls it a sofascape; you’re both correct. Set her artistic eye back in the right direction––out of the den and into the wider world––with a portable watercolor kit she can tote around fuss-free. The park, the beach, her she can take her sweet time on every shade, nuance, and brushstroke without dragging around tons of gear that’s heavier than a pile of bricks weighing her down.

For You: Design-Forward Bikini

Find something for yourself with the same colorful and creative spirit, like the Orange Bomb High Waisted Bikini. This cheery two-piece swimsuit nails the mix-and-match look without the actual need to mix or match. Plus, the orange print feels like something you’d see framed and hanging on the wall at a high-end design boutique.

For A Quarantine Baker: Traditional Bread Making Basket

She went all-in during the early Spring when it came to sourdough, and she didn’t see a reason to stop once her favorite bakery opened up for business again. You’ve benefited from her new hobby via the scones, cupcakes, and all other sorts of fresh-from-the-oven goodies she’s dropped off for you, so you’re not complaining that she’s always covered in flour. To encourage her gluten habit, give her gear that ups her game and makes her feel like she’s officially a Baker with a capital B. We’re thinking of a banneton, the elegant and oh-so-French basket used to make pro-level loaves. You might even get a seeded rye or whole wheat boule as a thank-you, making this one a gift that truly gives back.

For You: Lounge-Worthy Kimono

While you don’t share her love of mixing, stirring, or uh...turning on the oven, you do like a cozy moment at home. Keep it casual but cute around the house with a coverup that doubles as a robe or loungewear like the Blue Crochet Trim Cover Up. This tie-front style makes even your old PJs look polished. Wear it for a marathon-viewing binge of the Great British Baking Show now, then throw it on over your swimsuit for the beach once it’s warmer outside in the months to come.

For A Skater Girl: Skater Stickers For Her Deck

She loves to ride her skateboard anytime she can, and she’s been a subscriber to Thrasher magazine since the 4th grade. Her preferred form of self-expression is mastering a new trick faster than the guys who hang out with her at the skatepark. She’s not so much into sunbathing, but she’ll ride and grind during the even most intense hours of daylight sun in the summer. Don’t bother getting her anything like a sweater or body scrub for the holidays, because she won’t use either. Instead, keep your prezzies for her on-theme. While buying your favorite sk8r girl a new skateboard would be costly, helping her decorate one is not. A bunch of skate stickers for sticker-bombing her deck or whatever else she wants to skate-ify, like her laptop or the family cat (just kidding), is the right move.

For You: Checker-Print Bikini

Just because you don’t share her love of a shred doesn’t mean you can’t borrow liberally from the skateboarder fashion playbook. As it turns out, checkerboard print (a perennial skater fave) is gearing up to be the next “it” print of the season. The top of this Teal And White Bikini takes its inspiration from Southern Cali skater culture cool, complete with a checkered pattern and bandeau neckline. The solid bikini bottom balances it all out with a sexy, cheeky cut. It’s landing bolts, which is skater-speak for nailing it.

For An Avid Gardener: Flower Pot That Doubles As Decor

It seems that she can make anything thrive, including the zombie-like houseplant you asked her to check know, the one that she revived through TLC even though you could’ve sworn was dead months ago. She always has fresh herbs growing in the kitchen windowsill and isn’t even mad at a hardcore weeding session in the yard. Your green-thumbed gal will need a method to house more of her plant babies come wintertime, so give her a stackable planter that suits her needs and her style. A sculptural terracotta flowerpot with a built-in water saucer looks good with all sorts of interiors, whether she’s a mid-century modern, boho, or minimalist decor enthusiast. Maybe even throw in some seeds with the planter so she can bring something to life during the darkest time of the year.

For You: Leafy One-Piece Swimsuit

If the thought of gardening or even tending to your poor unloved houseplant makes you feel itchy, leaf it be (see what we did there?) and grab a botanically inspired swimsuit for yourself instead. The Tropical Leaves One-Piece Swimsuit, with its lush print, fulfils your desire for greenery without the need to dig through dirt. The alluring corset-laced back on this maillot swimsuit has a proper function besides merely looking hot––it allows you to customize the fit to suit your frame, too.

For A Social Media Star-in-training: Ring Light Smartphone Attachment

Any normal call/video chat/in-person hangout with her will involve at least one stall in the convo while she checks how many “likes” she got on that last post. She’s doing her best to go viral on TikTok but can’t decide if she should focus on giving makeup tutorials or participating in the latest dance sensation. That said, she is gaining followers and freebies, so maybe she’s actually onto something here. Help her reach her target audience (whomever it be this week) with a useful gift for the holidays like a ring light attachment for her smartphone. This way she can snap the perfect selfie quickly––let’s quit it with the 57 outtakes, thanks––and then get back to business as usual...or maybe even your conversation.

For You: Insta-Approved Two-Piece Swimsuit

You’re cool with social media apps and everything, but it’s not like you live your life doing it all for the ‘Gram. Still, a good scroll can be useful to find what new looks are trending and what items might be winners IRL. One of our bestsellers, the Blue Crush Tie-Dye Bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that consistently gets followers and lots of hearts. Just check out those 5-star reviews (all 390+ of ‘em!) and you’ll know instantly why this one’s a keeper, whether you’re a social media maven or just a regular mortal.

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