Color Crush: Yellow Bathing Suits


Bright, Sunny, and Fun: Our 9 Fave Yellow Swimsuits

Did you know that different colors can actually affect your mood? Cool colors like green, blue, and purple can make you feel calm and soothed. Black and gray can express sadness or sophistication. Pink and red can express passion and love. Bright and neon colors can make you feel more energized. But what’s the happiest color?

Most everyone agrees that yellow is the color of happiness! Across nearly all cultures around the world, yellow symbolizes warmth, happiness, and positivity. It’s associated with creativity and enlightenment, grabbing people’s attention more than any other color. Yellow expresses spontaneity, hope, optimism and sunshine — all the sort of things you probably hope to have plenty of during your next big beach vacation.

With all of those positive emotions attached to it, it’s no wonder yellow one of the most popular colors for swimwear. (I mean, what’s more iconic than the itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini?) So why not bring along some extra sunshine by packing away a sunny yellow number to wear on your next warm-weather getaway?

Yellow screams summer and sunshine. It’s flattering on just about any skin tone. It’s versatile with plenty of hues, from neon to mustard. It adds an air of youthfulness and fun to any look. (Plus, it’s totally eye-catching — you’ll definitely get some attention wearing a bright yellow number on the beach!)

But just because yellow is fun doesn’t make it childish. With the right details, cut, and style, even an all-yellow suit can look totally grown-up. No matter what type of suit you’re looking for — be it sexy and skimpy, covered yet flirty, or totally feminine — yellow shades add an element of fun and confidence like nothing else can. You’ll definitely turn some heads and get lots of compliments.

If you could use some extra happiness in your life (and honestly, who couldn’t?), check out our nine favorite yellow one-pieces and bikinis from Cupshe. Not only will they look amazing, but they’ll also bring a smile to your face!


1. Yellow Pear Blossom Print One-Piece Swimsuit

What’s more summery than a yellow floral swimsuit? The Yellow Pear Blossom Print One-Piece Swimsuit is perfect for anyone who wants to embrace a sunny look while still looking totally feminine and staying covered. We love the classic pear blossom print throughout and the subtle cutout details at the bust and waist — so flirty! It’s great for lounging poolside, sipping your favorite drink as you catch up on your book.



2. Colorblocked Open Back One-Piece Swimsuit

You don’t have to wear solid yellow from head-to-toe for an eye-catching look. Sometimes, yellow pops even more when it’s paired with a more muted shade. That’s what we love about the Colorblocked Open Back One-Piece Swimsuit — its bright yellow, white, and navy color-blocking makes it really stand out. (And the navy on the bottom is so slimming!) Its sporty cut makes it perfect for taking a swim or playing beach volleyball, though its plunging neckline and open back still keeps it totally sexy.


3. Yellow Polka Dot Ruffled Bikini

This itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini is a guaranteed showstopper. Plus, this shade of mustard yellow is so flattering on any skin tone. The ruffle details on the top and the cutout details on the bottom add just the right amount of sex appeal while still keeping this suit totally flirty and fun. Pair the Yellow Polka-Dot Ruffled Bikini with some retro-inspired sunglasses, a big floppy sunhat, and an open kimono cover-up for some effortlessly cool vintage vibes. Fabulous!



4. Yellow Floral Plus Size One Piece Swimsuit

This gorgeous yellow floral swimsuit is the perfect balance of fun and flirty, young and sexy. The Yellow Floral Plus-Size One Piece Swimsuit’s bright sunny color will definitely bring a smile to your face, while its sexy criss-cross detailing at the bust lets you tastefully show off your amazing curves. And once you’re done catching some waves, throw a summery skirt over it for a seamless beach-to-brunch look you can wear all day long. (Pst… it’s also available in other sizes here!)



5. Arizona Sunshine Solid One-Piece Swimsuit

A Cupshe bestseller! The Arizona Sunshine Solid One-Piece Swimsuit brings sunlight and warmth wherever it goes. This swimsuit is proof that sometimes, less really is more! Its solid mustard color and textured fabric detail are so cute and flattering on all skin tones. Plus, the ruffle at the bust accentuates the chest. No wonder it’s rated 5 stars! And the best part? It’s on sale right now for nearly half-off! Run, don’t walk!



6. Yellow Ribbed High-Waisted Bikini

This classic swimsuit is totally timeless. Its solid yellow hue is so fun and really makes a summery tan pop. Its ruffled neckline adds an element of sweetness without going overboard. Its high-waisted bottoms provide oh-so-flattering coverage with a hint of retro style. In the Yellow Ribbed High-Waisted Bikini, you’ll be bringing your own sunshine to the beach! Wear it surfing, on a morning beach run, or simply while lounging in the sand soaking up some rays.



7. Yellow and Stripe Lace Up One Piece Swimsuit

Yellow + neutrals = a truly show-stopping suit. We love how the bright sunny yellow color of this suit really pops with the black and white. The sexy Yellow and Stripe Lace Up One Piece Swimsuit features a lace-up back, a flirty cut-out in the front, and ultra-slimming horizontal stripes on the bottom. This suit was made for lounging poolside, working on your tan, and sipping (yellow!) pina coladas. You’ll look like a modern-day pin-up girl!



8. Yellow Floral Triangle Bikini

Picture this: you’ve just walked out of your gorgeous beachside villa in Thailand. The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and you feel a faint summer breeze on your face. You’re ready to get a dose of vitamin sea and soak up the sun. The only thing that could make your life even better? Wearing this adorable swimsuit. This gorgeous swimsuit really has it all — happy yellow hues, flirty florals, and modern triangles. It’s truly one-of-a-kind. The Yellow Floral Triangle Bikini is a great choice for your next exotic beach getaway — think of how good it’ll look in photos!



9. Yellow Floral Bandeau Ruffled Bikini

Stay forever young and forever sunny in the adorable Yellow Floral Bandeau Ruffled Bikini. Its bandeau silhouette and ruffle details keep it looking young and fresh, while the high-waisted bottoms are flirty, cute, and sexy. Pair it with geometric sunglasses and a messy bun for an effortlessly stylish look. Once you’re ready to leave the beach, throw a button-down over the top for a flirty daytime look!


Yellow truly is one of our favorite colors for swimwear. It’s flirty, fun, and oh-so-happy. The colors and clothes you wear have the power to not only make you look great, but also to improve your mood and the mood of those around you. So why not have a positive impact? For a bright, sunny, carefree vacation, wear a bright, sunny, carefree swimsuit!

If you don’t already have a yellow one-piece or bikini in your swimsuit collection, be sure to snag one before your next warm-weather getaway!


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