Body Part Series: Booty

We’re continuing our series of body-positive posts and we’ve gotta say that Sir Mix-a-Lot had it right: baby got back. But what’s the best way to make a posterior pop in a swimsuit? You’ll find out below, where we’ve broken it down by the four main booty shapes: round, square, heart shape and V-shape. Count on our choice swimwear selections to enhance whatever you’re working with on the flip side and bring bounce to the beach.

Round Booty: You could fly under the radar if you wanted to, but why bother when you’ve got the type of rump that musicians pen odes to and sing about? A round rear end is an asset (yep, that’s a pun) worth showing off. There’s nothing stopping ladies with round backsides from displaying the goods in any way they like, whether they want more coverage or prefer the cheekiest swimsuit possible. Bikinis might seem to be the natural choice for a round-bottomed figure, but well-cut one-pieces can offer similar levels of exposure.

Peach-emoji alert: the Kamryn Black Strappy Low-Waisted Bikini is a minimalist showstopper with a thong-back bottom. Strappy elements, one of the top trends of the summer, add an extra touch of interest to this bralette-style bikini, too. If you’re stacked in the front as well as the back, this bathing suit might not offer enough support for you. Go for another cheek-baring style like the Heaven Leopard O-Ring Low Waisted Bikini that’s got underwire cups and a thong bikini bottom and you’ll be set.

So, you’re more of a one-piece swimsuit person. Okay, cool. That doesn’t mean you have to hide that bum-bum away and out of sight! The Coraline Floral One Piece Swimsuit is an unexpected mash-up of Momcore in the front (note the ruching and all-over hibiscus floral print) and total bad B in the back. Do not, repeat, do not forget to put sunscreen on your tush before you debut this look at the beach.

Even when you’re flaunting the most sculpted of backsides, there are times and places that don’t seem ideal for the full “sun’s out, buns out” situation. Like going on a vacation with your fiancé’s family for the first time. (Trust that any M-I-L-to-be is going to have opinions about your swimwear.) There are other ways to draw attention to your first-rate round bottom, like the Black Knotted Scalloped One-Piece Swimsuit, one of our most popular bathing suit styles. The scalloped edges here keep all eyes on the prize.

Square Booty: Who says that one size fits all? Less full than some of the other shapes, a square derriere deserves more praise than it gets. For one thing, a square-shaped tush means you don’t have to worry about anything spilling out where it’s not supposed to. From high-waisted bikini separates that balance out your bod to center-ruched details that add lift and definition, there’s plenty of swimsuit options to suit this type of caboose.

Every booty is enhanced by choosing the right swimsuit, but this is especially important when it comes to highlighting a square-shaped derriere. A swimsuit bottom that’s not too bare––but not so modest that it feels like you’re trying to hide in it––is what you should look for. The Elliott Tropical Bikini Bottom has that “Goldilocks” cut. High-waisted with a little ruching for a flattering finishing touch, this bikini bottom’s the perfect fit. Wear it with the Lyanna White Rib Underwire Bikini Top to emphasize the white background or pair it with the Galilea Green Molded-Cup Bikini Top to play up the green in the leafy tropical print.

With the wrong swimsuit, a square-shaped booty can lack dimension and risk looking smushed down. Don’t go that route; instead pick a two-piece swimsuit that creates softer curves with well-placed ruching like the Wine Red Strappy Bikini, one of our best-selling swimsuits. The bikini bottom has fabric gathered vertically between the cheeks to give your butt a gravity-defying, lifted look. This ensures you’re putting the best of what your backside can be on display.

Maybe bikinis aren’t your personal preference. The right maillot, preferably one with peek-a-boo cutouts and an eye-catching print, like the Oakley Pink Floral And Leafy One-Piece Swimsuit to keep square tushes looking full and fabulous. The pattern enhances volume and bare space keep things balanced in a way that no plain-Jane string bikini could. There’s a lot to look at here and that’s kind of the point.

Heart-Shape Booty: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. The inverted heart-shape tush tends to be wider at the sides and narrower at the top, which is a quintessentially feminine silhouette. Those of us with upside-down heart shape backsides can display our cheeks and hourglass curves to maximum effect in a range of swimsuit styles, from the teeniest bikinis to classic tank suits.

Fact: upside-down heart-shaped booties and cheeky two-piece swimsuits were made for each other. Proudly bare inverted heart-shape buns in a trendy two-piece swimsuit like the Carmen Tie-Dye Self-Tie Bikini, which has the added benefit of adjustable sides. That means you can customize the fit of the bikini bottom, so it’ll look best on your body (and your butt).

One-piece swimsuits in varying degrees of exposure can work for this bottom shape just as well as a bikini. Opt for one like the Marina Floral One-Piece Swimsuit since it hits the sweet spot between no bun coverage at all and swim team-racing-suit-level modest. There’s also plenty of other details to delight in, like lace trim, a peek-a-boo waist panel and adjustable self-tying straps in the back that can be switched up for a variety of looks., make that everybody wins.

You already know that inverted heart-shape rear-ends are often partnered with wider hips and smaller waists, so it’s a good idea to play up those proportions with the right swimsuit. Flattering one-pieces like the Victoria Floral Wrap Plus Size One-Piece will do the trick. It’s got a solid wrap-top bodice and a lush tropical print that emphasizes an hourglass silhouette, heart-shaped backside and all.

V-Shape Booty: Butts that are shaped like an upside-down V will benefit from swimsuits with well-balanced proportions. Revealing the ideal amount of cheek––not too little, not too much––can fill out inverted-V shape buns. Cute prints are another piece of the puzzle: finding a pattern that pleases the eye and adds volume to your backside will make you ready to hit the beach with confidence.

V-shaped behinds, even the tightest and most toned ones, can benefit from a little amplification. One of our best-selling bikinis, the Sweet Pink Solid Lace-Up Bikini, accomplishes this with ease. How? Darker shades trick the eye into decreasing and condensing space, which can make inverted V-shape derrieres appear ultra-flat. Instead, the baby pink color helps to add volume. The bathing suit bottom is also ruched vertically in-between the cheeks, which gives buns a fuller, more defined appearance.

Comfort is also key, so keep in mind what activities you’ll be partaking in before committing to a particular bathing suit. Hint: a Brazilian bikini might not be the best choice if you plan to paddleboard, regardless of your butt shape! Try the Sadie Navy Leafy Crisscross One-Piece Swimsuit instead. It’s perfect for active beach days thanks to the double crisscrossing adjustable straps, which support the girls and keep everything where it’s supposed to be (that’s inside the swimsuit, not popping out, FYI). The print lends extra volume to V-shape heineys, while the design of the derriere offers the ideal amount of coverage. The look is appealing, not overexposed.

If you’re searching for a swimsuit that highlights the best of a V-shape bum and that also gives you the flexibility to mix and match, consider bikini separates. Swim styles like the Lucy Floral High Waisted Plus Size Bikini Bottom have a higher rise and a high-cut leg, which work well together to fluff up an inverted V-shaped posterior. Wear it with the Lucy Pink Ruffle Plus Size Bikini Top for a flirty look or the Kora Crisscross Plus Size Bikini Top for a bolder take on the customized two-piece trend.

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