At-Home Date Night Ideas

When you’re quarantined with your S.O., there’s very little left to the imagination. You’ve probably seen each other in more scenarios than you could’ve ever imagined previously (awkward video chats with their family? Check. Secretly grabbing midnight snacks from the fridge? You better believe it.). This 24/7 togetherness has the potential to drain all mystery out of your union—unless you’re setting aside designated “couples time,” that is. Hack your relationship by proposing an actual date night plan (we’ll provide the ideas and details below) to reclaim a little romance back in your lives. Don’t forget to pick a cute outfit for each date while you’re at it!

Social Media Challenge Date

There’s something gratifying about doing a specific task with your partner in crime (now more like your partner in indoor-time), especially when it’s a fun activity that does not involve cleaning the bathroom…again. How about learning a TikTok dance together? Luckily, whether or not you’re actually good dancers doesn’t even matter here. You’ll both get a sense of accomplishment that you teamed up and goofed off together while making a (possibly viral) video. Plus, the act of simply jumping around together will guarantee laughs, even if you guys don’t master the steps. Another challenge that lets you get hardcore silly, #FliptheSwitch encourages participants (including J.Lo and A-Rod—look it up!) to trade outfits with their bae. This is the number one way to induce a giggle fit, we promise. The Red Floral Off Shoulder Ruffled Top is a good pick for this activity: it’s stretchy enough to accommodate different body types…even if the body is of the male type. You can always do a #TrickShot challenge afterwards for a more sports-focused/precision-planned ending to this date. All of these options make for an interesting evening while you’re both doing the ultimate challenge: staying home to keep everyone safe!

Movie Date

What’s more cuddly than an at-home movie date? But we’re not talking about flopping onto the couch to binge unlimited Netflix shows; that’s something everyone is doing already, most likely on a daily basis (daily = not special). Make the evening into a legit movie date by setting up your space as if it is an actual theater. Mimic the vibe of your favorite cineplex or screening room with concessions stand snacks like popcorn and candy; be sure to pick up your cutie’s preferred movie treat, be it licorice or chocolate-covered raisins, if you don’t have it at home already. Take a little time to tidy up the couch or set pillows on the floor so that your screening feels like more of an occasion, and wear something that’s a little more thought-out than your everyday sweats. Styles like the Yellow Knotted Romper definitely hit “date-worthy” on the cute-o-meter, but are still comfortable and casual enough for wearing at home. Another tip: select a movie that would currently be screening in theaters right now if it weren’t for a certain virus you may have heard about. Try FandangoNow for blockbusters, or better yet, help out your local arthouse theater when you buy a virtual ticket (aka: rent a movie) for their virtual showing through Kino Marquee.

Cooking Date

Yeah, we know, you’re already cooking at home every day and just barely keeping up with the dishes. But with a little change of perspective (i.e.: turning a chore into something fun), stove-centric work can also be a way to sneak in some quality bonding time. If you’re already a boss home cook, pick a totally new or decidedly more complicated recipe than you usually would make. This ensures you and your significant other will be on the same page, learning together as you go. Making dumplings is a cheery kitchen project where both of you will need to stuff and fold together to get the job done. If you two need more structure, take a virtual cooking class that creates an atmosphere similar to what you’d find if you took an in-person class. AirBnB Experiences is a great option for your date night cooking class, since you can both feel proud about providing much-needed income to a host who is no longer able to accommodate guests in person. Another feel-good source for classes, Kitchen Rodeo does online “distance cooking” with chefs from big-name restaurants and donates your cooking class tuition to charity. But what to wear for this feast-in-the-making? Dress in oversized styles like the Floral Print Buttoned Cover Up that fit the bill (menu?), since chopping, sauteing, and all those other kitchen duties can get pretty messy. You can always change into a pretty frock like the Stripe Wrap Midi Dress when it’s time to sit down at the table and enjoy your handiwork.

Game Night Date

Ah, game night. It’s not just for families with little kids anymore—and we’re totally cool with that. Create the right ambiance with low(er) lighting, which gives game night a touch of casino cool and makes everything seem more grownup, even if you’re just playing Clue and Uno you’ve had since middle school. Card games always provide a good time, and you and your boo can even up the romantic ante by turning any card game into a “strip version” of something you’d usually play. (Heck, you can make almost any game into a “strip version” if you think about it. Strip Scrabble. Strip Connect Four. Strip Tic-Tac-Toe…the possibilities are endless.) You’ll maintain the lead over your honey if you layer a sultry kimono like the Black Floral Print Long Sleeve Cover Up on top of whatever you’re wearing, be it a tank dress or a tee shirt. Alternatively, you can make your game date night more collaborative with a colorful, table-spanning puzzle. Why play against each other when you’re on the same team for life anyway? If you two prefer something more physical, break out that vintage Twister mat. Bonus: it’s definitely less embarrassing and more fun playing it with your main squeeze than with someone you barely know! If you opt for Twister, this is the time to get creative in your dressing game, too. Slip on the Black And White Gingham Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit and wear it like a bodysuit. Pair it with denim cut offs—and put that right hand on green already!

Video Chat Double Date

You and your besties might not be able to do a double date IRL yet, but you can still connect via video with your couples friends. Treat the scenario like you would if they were actually coming over for a hangout: specify a time that’s good for everyone, clean up the house together, and find a spot for your online double date that’s appropriately lit. Truth: video chats turn instantly weird when someone is accidentally backlit like they’re doing a hidden-identity news interview. You’re not in the FBI’s witness protection program, for goodness sakes! (At least we hope you’re not.) Curate a playlist for the meet-up if you think it’ll be good in the background to set the mood, but keep in mind that you’re connecting online to catch up, so nix any raging mix that’ll prove distracting. Also very important: selecting a wine, cocktail, or mocktail to share together in your respective homes. It gives everyone an instant topic for conversation, and both couples can use it as a jumping-off point to share tasting notes or home bar tips. Just a word, though: think simple and accessible when picking a libation, since most people don’t have access right now to specialty bottles or keep an endless supply of mixers on hand. Dress up for your double date in the Ribbed Long Sleeve Open Back Top, which features a flattering draped silhouette that’s sophisticated enough for your virtual company, but relaxed enough to feel comfortable while you’re at home.

Can’t find the right at-home date night look for what you have in mind? Check out other pieces that are full of feminine charm, with ruffles and scalloped details that look dainty but deliver maximum style impact for a night in together. Maybe you just opened up the backyard pool for the season (blow-up kiddie pools count, too). Find new swimsuits for every shape and fashion inclination, be it boho chic, vintage glam, or minimalist cool. Take a peek at our editor’s picks, too—it’s all the hottest swimwear looks we’re loving right now in one place.

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