Still looking for a Halloween costume? Check your swimsuit drawer! We put together 7 easy-breezy last minute Halloween DIY costume ideas based on swimsuits most people already have in their closets.

Green Ivy- Own a green swimsuit? Why not take inspiration from our favorite green villainess? Head to your favorite crafts store and buy ivy garland for a Poison Ivy inspired DIY halloween costume. If your local store doesn’t have ivy in stock any green leaf garland will do. You can wear it around your neck like a feather boa or stitch it onto the swimsuit. Not good with thread and needle? We’re big fans of the hot glue gun too.

Add long green gloves, a little green eye shadow or a green mask and a red wig to complete the look.



Black Cat- Whether you’re into superheroes or just looking to dress up as your favorite feline, the black cat is the easiest Halloween costume to DIY. Have a black swimsuit? You’re good to go!

For a classic black cat DIY costume, add cat ears and a black tail. Both accessories are sold at most Halloween costume stores and can often be found in the costume section of big box retailers and chain stores.

For a DIY Catwoman inspired costume, add black leggings, black shoes and a black cat mask. Meow!


Sailor- Stripes was one of the biggest swimsuit trends of 2018, 

so there’s a good chance there’s already a striped swimsuit in your closet. We chose blue and white stripes for this look, but any blue, red or white striped swimsuit would work. In fact, a solid blue or white swimsuit would look just as well.

Add blue shorts, and voila! Accessorize with a red scarf and sailor hat. Pair it with a red lip for a classic nautical look.

Mermaid - You are the princess of the sea. And on Halloween night you are also the princess of the land. Show off your legs in a DIY mermaid costume.

Start with your favorite teal or mermaid inspired print bikini. (Fish scale patterns, light green and light blue swimsuits would work too.)  Add a trident and seashell tiara from your local party or costume store.

Not used to the cold weather on this strange land above sea? Slip into matching color leggings or a skirt for added coverage. The world is your oyster!


Devil- This classic Halloween costume is also one of the easiest to recreate. Take a red swimsuit, add devil horns and ta-da! Devil’s tail and pitchfork optional but help complete the look.

And while we’re on the topic of easy and classic Halloween costumes this same recipe would also work for the Devil’s nemesis - the Angel. Take a white swimsuit, add wings!


Witch- Double, double toil and trouble… Fire burns and cauldron bubble! We gave our witch a cauldron for good fun, but a simple witch hat is more than enough to transform your black swimsuit into a DIY witch costume. Add a little black eyeshadow and grab your broom!

BONUS: The black swimsuit is the most versatile option of all. It could easily be adapted for a number of costume options like Black Swan, Laura Croft, dark angel… so many possibilities.


Unicorn- Have a pastel-colored swimsuit? Then you’re ready to DIY one of 2018’s most popular costumes. To make a DIY unicorn costume, or DIY Unicorn emoji, wear your pastel swimsuit (we chose this pink and light blue one-piece lace-up), add a unicorn headband and rainbow tutu for a tail.



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