10 Poses to Show Off Your Swimsuit

Summer is coming! Whether you're planning to hit the beach, the swimming pool or the water park, there is no shortage of photo opportunities for your new bikini. Rock your summer uniform and upgrade your Instagram game with these tips and tricks inspired by our ultimate swimsuit photo inspiration, Marilyn Monroe...

Marilyn Monroe was a natural in front of the camera. Look no further than her iconic beach shoot on Long Island Beach, New York in 1949 as evidence. Don't these photos just make you wish you were at the beach? They're fun and effortless and everything summer should be. In fact, these may be the most perfect plandids (a staged photo that is made to look like a candid shot) we ever did see.

10 Poses to Show Off Your Swimsuit

Professional photographers will tell you that if you want a natural still shot as good as Monroe's, you should think about the feeling you want to convey through your photo and pose accordingly. We think it’s just as important to have the right swimsuit! Once you’ve found the perfect swimsuit style for you, grab your camera, head to the water and put these photography tips to good use.

10 posing tips to help you get the fab photos you want!

1. Stand with one foot in front of the other like you are mid-step. This pose will make your legs look longer and you hips more narrow . Swimsuit worn by model: Navy And White Stripe Strappy Lace-Up Bikini


2. Sit on a beach chair and ask the photographer to take pictures from a higher angle. The angle will make you look slimmer and show off your whole outfit. Swimsuit worn by model: Knotted Scoop Red Polka Dot Bikini

3. Kneel on a sandy beach and pose sitting on your legs, swimsuit model style. This classic pose is a go-to for fashion editorials. It puts the focus on your upper body and cute swimsuit.Swimsuit worn by model: Plum and Floral Reversible Bikini

4. Stand in a pool or body of water about thigh-deep and try to turn sideways towards the camera. This pose will highlight all your curves.Swimsuit worn by model: Green And Golden Leaves One-piece Swimsuit

5. Thought an akimbo (with hands on the hips and elbows turned outward) is an old-fashioned pose? NOT AT ALL! This pose can actually help show off a more feminine shape! Swimsuit worn by model: Scoop Neck Striped Bikini

6. Have breath-taking scenery in the background? Sit down with your back towards the camera and turn your head slightly to your right. Swimsuit worn by model:Ruffled Floral Bikini

7. Floaties make the best props. How about a classic flamingo float? Swimsuit worn by model: Orange And White Stripe Bikini With Bowknot

8. Don’t want to show too much skin? Sit leaning back on your hands and pose with your legs crossed out in front of you. Swimsuit worn by model:Deep Love Solid Bikini Set

9. Put your weight on one leg and stand tiptoe on the another to radiate model confidence.Swimsuit worn by model:Red White And Blue Strappy Bikini

10. Don’t be afraid to use props! Fruits, bubbles, surfboards and even a beach volleyball can make a photo a lot more interesting.Swimsuit worn by model:Colorful Stripe High-Waisted Bikini


Hope these tips and tricks help you take the perfect summer beach snaps! And don’t forget to tag us in your pics using #CUPSHE whenever you are posing in your Cupshe swimsuit. STAY COOL!


Just wanna say I love this site! I bought 2 suits from here for the first time and I love them both! Especially the one piece I bought. Posted a pic of myself in it today and within a few minutes people wanted to know where I got it from. Will only get my suits from here, thank you!!!!

Kristin Joshua June 26, 2019

cute poses

Aspen Monty June 26, 2019

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